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The Maverix HUD Sunglasses Joke

Maverick HUD

If the first day of the month of April makes it quite alright for practical jokers to do their thing, then everyone is considered free game, even gadget lovers. It is no surprising therefore that a certain gadget comes out online right on this day that a lot of people were made to believe was the real deal. Actually there were a lot of other gadgets involved. One of them just happens to be the so-called Maverix HUD Sunglasses.

This Maverix HUD eyewear is purported to be anything but the ordinary ones you see in stores. The Maverix HUD is said to be a perfect match to your handy smart phone or PDA. What it does is display what you see on your smart phone or PDA screen right into the sunglass lenses for viewing. This means that you will be able to check out your iPhone, Blackberry or PDA even if you still have it in your bag or pocket. The Maverix HUD (which stands for Heads Up Display, by the way) connects with your device via Bluetooth so you won’t have to bother with wires and such.

The Maverix HUD Sunglasses truly makes quite an interesting gadget to have. It’s just too sad that it has to be a product of April 1. The thing is, the Maverix HUD was part of a joke. It was made by the people at I Want One Of Those as an April Fools joke. Upon seeing the impressive sunglasses on their catalog and then pressing the "Buy" button, it will tell you that it’s April Fools Day and you’ve been had. And sadly enough, the Maverix HUD sunglasses has been taken off the website catalog not long after that. Now people have to wait until next year for the next surprise. Here is a page where you might be able to find all the other recent online April Fools jokes for some laughs.

Image Source: I Want One Of Those

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