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PC Mag Reviews Fusion Garage JooJoo

PC Magazine provided a very detailed and lenghty review on the iPad competitor JooJoo from Fusion Garage and suffice to say that the article punches the new guy to a pulp.

In a nutshell, the JooJoo is deemed more overpriced (at US$499) than the already overpriced iPad (at $699), has less memory capacity (4GB compared to at least 16GB), has no apps (like what you should expect on many non-Apple devices), and is merely “a touch-screen based Web browser.” But hey, at least the JooJoo has Flash support and a webcam.

However, if you insist on not buying the giant iPod Touch, you have a few weeks, or months, of waiting before the the likes of the HP Slate and Microsoft Courier becomes available for purchase.

Source: PC Magazine


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