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Anti Sleep Pilot Keeps Drivers Awake in Denmark

If you drive for very long distances, say cross-country along Route 66, it is inevitable that you get tired and sleepy right in the middle of driving. While an extra large cup of coffee or energy drink could keep you going, a company in Denmark introduces a way to you awake without the caffeine. The Anti Sleep Pilot promises to prevent driver fatigue by regularly performing a variety of tests, like switching its light on and off regularly while making sounds, that drivers can respond by tapping the device, which is usually placed on the dashboard. Reminds you of that Simon toy, doesn’t it?

The ASP determines when it brings out its alarms by recording the movement of the car while it is being driven, such as when the driver jerks the steering wheel after drifting for a bit. When the driver’s tiredness reached critical level, the device turns on a red light and lets out loud signals to notify the driver that he or she needs to pull over to the side and take a short nap, which could spell the difference between getting to the destination safely and getting caught in an accident.

The Anti Sleep Pilot is currently available in Denmark, costing an equivalent of about US$270. Overseas drivers who want one of these could try sending an e-mail to the manufacturer and pray that it would arrive in a retail store near you.

Source: Chip Chick, via Engadget

That promises to not only prevent fatigue in the first place by keeping your mind active, but also warn you when it’s really time to take a break by monitoring your reaction times to each test. Still no word on an official price over here just yet, but we assume it’ll cost somewhere in the neighborhood of the 1,499 kr (or $270) the device currently runs in Denmark.

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