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EcoCharge Converts Heat Into Electricity For Your Devices

Heat energy is one of those things that get wasted a lot around the home. But it is energy that can also be recycled and used, if only it can be processed effectively to do so. The EcoCharge device concept may someday help households efficiently convert otherwise wasted heat into electricity that can be used to charge devices.

The EcoCharge concept is developed by designer Ardavan Mirhosseini. It is a device that allows wasted heat energy coming from various sources around the home to be used to create electricity. It makes use of thermoelectric generator modules to convert heat generated by common household devices such as cookware, home heaters and any other constant heat sources in the home. The device also comes with a flexible magnetic face that allows it to attach into any metal surface that generates heat. The heat is absorbed and then converted into electricity, with the output power delivered via a USB connection slot on the device.

The EcoCharge concept is a sensible way to find alternatives to generating power from around the home. Considering that heat may just be otherwise considered as wasted energy, the EcoCharge can be used in the future to find use for this wasted energy and directed towards something more useful. The EcoCharge still remains as a concept device that you can check out at Yanko Design. But it will surely be met with welcome arms in case it does get developed commercially in the future.

Image Source: Yanko Design


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