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Nightlighter Flashlight

Nightlighter Flashlight

In a very dark night, having a source of light means the difference between finding your way to getting lost. That is why having a flashlight handy is always important for people going out in the dark often. But there are some people who might find a single flashlight beam to be insufficient when going out in the dark. In this case, this Nightlighter Flashlight might help.

The Nightlighter Flashlight is a unique handheld flashlight that comes with two beams instead of just one. There is a forward, narrow angle beam of light provided by four ultra bright 5mm LED bulbs for distance lighting. Then there is also a downward-facing wide-angle beam provided by two ultra bright 5mm LED bulbs to light up the immediate area that the user walks into. This allows users to eliminate alternately shining a flashlight at a distance and the near surroundings all the time, making users feels safer in the process. The Nightlighter Flashlight is available at First Street for US$20.

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