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Hydros Filtering Water Bottle

Ensuring having clean water to drink is not always possible for some people. For travelers who go through different places and experience life in another environment, safe drinking water is always important. Buying bottled water is not always that environment friendly since those throw away water bottles can add to the ever-growing garbage problem. The Hydros Filtering Water Bottle can provide a more environment-friendly alternative by providing you safe drinking water right from any tap.

The Hydros Filtering Water Bottle is a 16-ounce water bottle that comes with its own water filter that can separate chlorine, chloramines and particulates in water as you fill it in from the tap. The filter also comes with activated carbon that reduces bad tasting chemicals. Each filter is also coated with a natural anti-microbial that helps prevent bacteria build-up.

The Hydros Filtering Water Bottle comes with a fast flow filter that allows you to filter your water quicker that most water filters out there. Its side-filling design also allows users to fill up the water bottle no matter how low the tap faucet may be. The water filter is good for up to 150 refills and can be replaced with a new filter easily. The Hydros Filtering Water Bottle is available at the Hydros site for US$28. Replacement filters come at US$10 each.

Image Source: Hydros

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