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Five Health Gadgets From The 2013 CES

Health monitoring has become quite an important part of daily life. That is why people nowadays are on the lookout for devices that help them keep track or monitor their health in the most convenient means possible. The recently concluded 2013 CES at Las Vegas has showcased a number of new health gadgets that may hit the consumer market any time soon. Here are five of them:

Basis B1 Watch

What better gadget to monitor your activities and health than a common wearable watch-like device? The new Basis B1 Watch is just one such gadget. Users wear it daily and the watch does the monitoring by means of its self-tracking motion sensors that also feature a heart rate monitor, as well as perspiration and skin temperature sensors. These biometric data are uploaded into the online portal where users can keep track of their activities such as sleep and heart rate.

Hapilabs HAPIfork

If you are considering changing your eating habits, it may not always be what you eat that is important. It may also be what utensils you use. Well, at least that is what the HAPIfork tries to introduce. It aims to change a person’s eating habits by keeping track of the user’s eating habits, from the length of eating time to the period of eating each mouthful. The HAPIfork features a capacitive system that alerts the user with vibration features every time the user is eating faster than usual, alerting him or her to slow down the pace.

LUMOBack Posture Sensor

Good posture is also an important part of staying healthy. A bad posture can lead to a number of problems that can eventually affect a person’s mobility. A device such as the LUMOBack Posture Sensor can help prevent posture problems by alerting the user of slouching and prevent bad back posture from developing. It is comfortable to wear and won’t hamper the user’s movement in any way.

Scanadu Scout

Instant health monitoring is probably becoming more convenient with technology allowing doe portable gadgets and sensors to do the job. It probably is highlighted by devices like the Scanadu Scout, a health tricorder that can provide users with real-time vital sign information. The Scanadu Scout can record health information such as temperature, heart rate, breathing rate as well as oxygen levels and have that information set to a mobile device and the data sent to a doctor for providing an accurate health picture and condition as early as possible.

Fitbit Flex

Some people need to be motivated to get out and exercise to stay healthy. There are devices such as the new Fitbit Flex that will help keep people moving by reminding them. The Fitbit Flex features a pedometer worn as a wristband. It synchronizes data with a mobile device via Bluetooth so that stats can be viewed in real time. It provides people with away to keep track of their activity progress shown in a series of LED lights.

Image Source: Fitbit Flex

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