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Hapilabs HAPIfork

When it comes to gadgets, uniqueness sometimes becomes an important feature. Unique devices and quirky gadgets sometimes get more attention because of their one-of-a-kind features not yet seen in other devices. But then again, it usually takes time before the more popular ones can catch on. That is why unique gadgets like the HAPIfork from Hapilabs may not instantly get into the mindset of even the health conscious consumers.

The Hapilabs HAPIfork is a unique eating utensil that is designed to help people control their eating habits. By doing so, it aims to help people avoid gaining weight. That is because the HAPIfork features a number of sensors that works in a variety of ways.

The HAPIfork helps keeps track of a person’s eating habits. It records the time when a user starts eating a meal and when one is done. It also keeps track of how many bites one takes and at how often.

The HAPIfork has established a dining pace of ten seconds for every forkful that one takes in. When the HAPIfork senses that the user is eating faster than that, it uses a capacitive system that makes it vibrate, reminding the user to slow down the pace. It is a unique method of trying to curb down eating by using new technology. As a new method, it may take awhile to catch on. But what may make it even interesting is that the HAPIfork will come with its own accompanying smartphone app that will communicate with it via Bluetooth. So far, Hapilabs is offering the HAPIfork for pre-order although pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

Image Source: Hapilabs


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