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Air-conditioned vest a hit in China

Air-conditioned vest

The southern part of China has been experiencing an extreme heatwave recently that one outfit has become the “it” thing to wear in these parts of the world: an air-conditioned vest. It looks like any other vest, except that it keeps the wearer cool with the help of small embedded tubes that help circulate cold air around the body.

According to a report from China Daily, these air-conditioned vests have become so popular, over four thousand pieces have been sold in the last three months. Wang Yan, a businessman from Nantong, Jiansu province, is credited to have designed this anti-heatwave garment, which are selling for about 200 yuan (US$33) each.

The air-conditioned vest is made of nonporous fabric, which keeps the cold air from seeping out of the vest. Compressed air passes through a vortex tube, which produces the cool air circulating within the vest. The wearer has the option of lowering the temperature up to twenty degrees Celsius, which is regulated by two valves on each side of the vortex tube. One of the valves controls the flow of compressed air, the other controls the output of cold air.

With the terrible heatwave going around many parts of the world, perhaps Wang Yan should consider mass producing his creation, don’t you think?

Source: Mashable


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