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Logitech gamepad for iPhone leaked

Logitech gamepad for iPhone

Months leading to the official roll out of iOS 7, rumors have been swirling that the mobile OS would come with standardized support for game controllers. However, we did not hear anything from Apple about that possibility even when all of your Facebook friends have posted updates about updating their iPhones to iOS 7.

It took the sometimes-reliable Evleaks to provide excitement to mobile gamers as it leaked a photo of a Logitech gamepad for iPhone on Twitter. The Logitech controller features a directional pad, four face buttoms, and a couple of shoulder triggers. The iPhone is placed at the center of the Logitech gamepad, turning the smartphone into a handheld gaming console like the Sony PlayStation Vita.

The gamepad looks quite lengthy, about twice the length of the iPhone 5. There is, however, the possibility that it could be a prototype so expect some design changes before the official release… if this Logitech gamepad for iPhone is for real.

Controller attachments on mobile devices have not been popular among consumers, but there is definitely a market for it. Many touchscreen games available today would be great when controlled with a physical gamepad, such as RPGs and first-person shooters.

Would you like to have one of these for your iPhone? Tell us at the comment box!

Source: The Verge


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