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Slimmer Square Reader unveiled

Square Reader has a new, slimmer design.

Square mobile payment system has introduced an updated version of its credit card reader. The Square Reader attaches to one’s iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone and it becomes a mobile payment tool that swipes credit cards.

The new Square Reader has a slimmer form factor and does not require any batteries to function. The gadget also has a faster processor, a new reader for improved swipe accuracy. This is the first redesign for the hardware since it was lauched in 2009, aiming to help small businesses to complete transactions with card-carrying customers.

The card reader also has an enhanced audio plug, enabling it to be plugged into most mobile device instead of just having a Lightning plug that only works with more recent iPhone and iPad models. The Square Reader can also power itself when plugged into the phone or tablet, eliminating the need to include that bulky battery and making it almost just as slim as the iPhone 5S.

The company’s vice president of hardware, Jesse Dorogusker, is the man behind the major redesign. A former long-time Apple employee, he spent eight years in that company’s accessories division. Dorogusker’s time with Apple reflected on the new Square Reader and its simple design.

Users do not have to worry about buying the updated reader because Square gives them for free. Just sign up for Square’s website and access the accompanying app.

Source: Square


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