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Silic T-shirt is impossible to stain

Silic waterproof t-shirt

A white T-shirt is arguably the most delicate outerwear ever invented, as stains and dirt become very obvious. Even a small drop of red wine could spell disaster to your white shirt.

Aamir Patel, a young entrepreneur from Northern California, has created a special T-shirt that is designed to be stain-proof. The Silic shirt is embedded with superhydrophobic nanotechnology, which makes use of microscopic structures to repel water-based liquids. These structures form a layer of air between fabric and liquid molecules, which causes the liquid to bead up and roll right off the cloth. In fact, the Silic is so liquid-resistant, even sweat evaporates into the air instead of absorbing into the fabric.

Silic’s name is inspired from the billions of silica particles found on the fabric. Patel has teamed up with a former designer from the Vera Wang Collection to develop the shirt’s design and bring the price down in the process.

Silic water-proof t-shirt

This shirt’s technology is similar to NeverWet, a spray that is used on clothing and other objects to make them liquid-repelling. However, Patel claims in his Kickstarter campaign that NeverWet contains cancerous substances.

With 36 days to go, Patel has able to raise over $94,000 as of this posting, which is close to five times its initial funding goal. Interested backers can sign their pledges starting at $48 for their piece of Silic t-shirt, which ships beginning May 2014 with plans of selling them in retail stores.

Source: Mashable


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