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Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth earphones

Nokia BH-121

The Nokia BH-121, previously identified as Nokia Guru, is officially introduced. This square-shaped audio device looks kinda familiar, like an iPod Shuffle perhaps?

Anyway, this gadget comes with a pair of earbuds that connect to the main unit’s built-in 3.5mm jack. You can also plug other headphones into the unit if you prefer. The main module also contains NFC connectivity for easy one-tap pairing, or pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The tile-shaped device also sports a single button to play tracks and even take voice calls.

The Nokia BH-121 is expected to arrive before the year ends at €39 (about US$53). You could even score yourself a free unit if you tell Nokia why you want one. Details are at the source link.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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