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First tweet on Twitter

Everybody on Twitter knows how its search function can be ineffective in finding really, really old tweets. Your timeline can only go at up to your 250 most recent tweets, and if you are a heavy tweeter it would be impossible finding your first tweet.

In celebration of the eighth anniversary of the first Twitter post, the microblogging service is helping you find that first tweet. Simply type your Twitter handle–or any other Twitter handle–into its Discover microsite and it unveils the debut tweet.

You realize that these first tweets range from the usual “I’m on Twitter now” to some mundane, hashtag-free status such as “Working at the office.”

Reactions on #FirstTweets vary, apart from the fact that the hashtag is a trending topic now. Many tweeters begin unearthing the first tweets of popular personalities, while others get flushed seeing their embarrassing first day on Twitter.

It was March 21, 2006, when the first Twitter message was posted by its co-founder Jack Dorsey. “Just setting up my twttr,” he wrote. Note the lack of vowels of the original name of Twitter, which the company had to tweak after learning TWTTR was already owned by Teen People.

Twitter was not launched to the public until July 2006, but it became popular as Internet users check out the tweets as a speedy news source. The service, which currently has over 241 million monthly active users, has arguably since become a leading platform for real-time talk about breaking news and live TV events like the Super Bowl or the Oscars.

Source: CNN

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