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SHOTBOX – Light Box Studio Kit 

portable light box

Budding photographers always aim to get professional quality shots. Whether it is a plate of food or new gadget shot, getting the best shot possible always pose some challenges. Most of the time, lighting conditions matter. In order to do those close up shots of objects, some equipment may be needed to provide good lighting. The SHOTBOX Light Box Studio Kit can do that for you.

The SHOTBOX Light Box Studio Kit is  portable and collapsible light box that will provide you with ideal lighting conditions for your still shots. It provides 24 inches of even coverage bright white light, thanks to its COB LED’s. It also comes with a dimmer knob to let you adjust the lighting intensity. A Toggle switch also allows you to adjust whether you like left, right or center lighting.

There are holes on the top of the SHOTBOX Light Box Studio to take top down shots. You can also use a sideshot arm extension device to capture stable images from the side. The glare shields help reduce the glare when shooting  3D images of different products or any other object. A backdrop kit can provide different color backgrounds as well. When not in use, the SHOTBOX Light Box Studio Kit collapses flat for easy storage and handling. It is an ideal equipment for those who are getting serious into photography at home or even at the office. The SHOTBOX Light Box Studio Kit is available at Amazon for $169.

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