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Mizusion Saltwater-Powered LED Lantern

With disasters usually coming unexpectedly, people will need to be prepared at all times. Aside from food, one important thing they will need to prepare is lighting. Having a flashlight can go a long way to surviving in an event of a disaster. But you also have to think long-term, when flashlights may no longer have the power to provide the light needed. Having something like the Mizusion Saltwater-Powered LED Lantern may help fill in the need.

The Mizusion Saltwater-Powered LED Lantern from Maxell is a LED lantern designed for emergencies. It provides a good alternative for battery-powered lights when these power sources are depleted. This LED lantern simply runs on saltwater. Users only need to pour salt and water on top of the lamp and then turn it on. It will be able to provide around 2,000 lux of light intensity for a period of 80 hours.

Using the Mizusion Saltwater-Powered LED Lantern makes it a good alternative if you no longer have batteries around for your flashlight.all you need to do is fill the lamp with salt water and you’re good to go. The LED lamp is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Instead of batteries, users replace the bar of magnesium the makers call as “Power Bar”. The lamp is small enough to bring along just about anywhere. The Mizusion Saltwater-Powered LED Lantern is available at Japan Trend Shop for around $56.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop


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