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Onyx Personal Communicator

While a smartphone may be the common way to keep in touch with people close to you day in and day out, it may not always be the more convenient idea. You may want to call someone but you need to dial the number before you can connect with them. Sometimes it may be a challenge if you forgot the phone number. If you prefer a more direct approach of contacting someone, then you might want to use a walkie talkie. But then there might be range or distance limitations when you use one. For better coverage, you might consider using the Onyx personal communicator.

The Onyx personal communicator offers to give you a means to communicate with a friend, colleague or loved one directly at a touch of a button. It works similar to a walkie talkie, but with a twist. The Onyx works with your smartphone to allow you unlimited range when trying to contact another Onyx user. As long as there is internet or cell coverage, you can always use the Onyx to talk with someone.

You need to pair an Onyx with your Android or iOS smartphone and assign a channel to share with friends and other Onyx users where you can communicate when needed. Once this is done, you can press on the button on your Onyx and you get instantly connected to someone with an Onyx on a shared channel. It surely beats having to dial a number or having to get your smartphone out to call. But remember, you always need to have a smartphone to pair your Onyx with in order to communicate. This personal communicator is available for purchase in pairs. You will be able to get one pair at Amazon for around $200.

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