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The River Mobile Power Station For Portable Power On The Go

With people having multiple gadgets all of the time, recharging power becomes an essential resource. Looking for available power outlets becomes a regular habit for some. Others prefer the use of a power bank that they take along with them. But when it comes to addressing the power needs of groups, there doesn’t seem to be any available option. That is what the River Mobile Power Station aims to change.

The River Mobile Power Station can be quite an addition for people whose hunger for power on the road seems insatiable. This portable power source has the capacity to recharge multiple items at the same time. The 412Wh battery capacity ensures that there is power for everyone. It comes with a total of 11 ports to charge other devices in different ways.

The River Mobile Power Station’s 11 ports include 4 USB ports with 2 USB 3.0, 2 type-C USB ports, 2 DC ports, 2 AC outlets, and 1 12-Volt car port. The power station can provide a total output of 500 watts of both AC and DC power.

What makes the River Mobile Power Station also versatile is the different options available that people can recharge  it. Charging via the usual AC power outlet takes 6 hours to reach full capacity. People can also choose to charge it via a car port, which can take up to 9 hours. The last option is via solar power using portable high-efficiency solar panels which can recharge the power station for 15 hours. The River Mobile Power Station is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $459. It is expected to be available by July of this year.

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