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Top Waterproof Gadgets

Gadgets today have many features that make them stand out from the usual ones in a certain category. Waterproofing is a feature that not many gadgets may come with. Only a select few usually offer such a feature. While not all see that this feature be an important part of any gadget, there are manufacturers that consider it a must. There are certain models for different gadgets that has a waterproof feature. Here are the top ones so far.

Smartphone- Samsung Galaxy S8

Smartphones, being the main gadget that most people use today, should have benefited from being featured as waterproof. Unfortunately, some phones do not bother being waterproof although people sometimes use them at the risk of their phones getting wet. But for those planning to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S8, this will no longer be a problem. The new smartphone boasts of being water resistant up to a depth of 1.5 meters for an average duration of around 30 minutes. That alonw makes the new Samsung Galaxy S8 stand out from the rest. Users no longer have to worry about it getting wet during a downpour or being accidentally dropped in a sink full of water.

apple smartwatch

Smart Watch- Apple Watch Series 2

With smart watches being used as fitness devices, it just follows that it should be water proof. Running, exercising, swimming and other similar activities can put smart watches into actual situations where it can get wet. And with that the Apple Watch Series 2 now is water resistant. It can be used for certain activities like those mentioned above and even showering. Although it is not designed for use in scuba diving or activities that requires water in high velocity, the Apple Watch Series 2 does very well for use as a fitness watch.


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