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VRgluv Adds The Sense Of Touch In The VR Experience


vr gloves

Virtual reality tech has certainly grown in leaps and bounds. There are now a number of VR gadgets and devices available that can enhance the VR experience. But for the most part, the experience still remains to be on the visual side. Sooner or later, people would be looking forward to interact better with the objects in the virtual world, such as being able to touch, hold, and feel them as if they are real. This is the aim of the new VRgluv for people who look for added interactive features to the current VR environment.

VR Gloves In A Nutshell

The VRgluv is a set of VR gloves that offer haptic  or force feedback for its wearers. It is designed to be compatible with the Vive and Oculus virtual reality headsets. What it provides is a means for people peering into a VR environment to be able to feel, hold, grasp and interact with the objects they see as if they are real. Instead of using buttons, users will be able to make use of “virtual hands” in their interactions in the VR world.

The VRgluv is being initially introduced into the gaming community where virtual reality is currently becoming a big thing. But it will not be interesting if users will have a few opportunities to use it effectively. That is why the creators are also working together with  gaming developers in order to provide great content and VR environments where people can explore, experience and enjoy using the VRgluv .Eventually, applications in other industries such as robotics, medical, and areas of education is also being planned for the VR gloves. The VRgluv is available for pre-order at Kickstarter, starting at $369 for a pair. It is expected to cost around $580 once it is available for retail after the first batch of gloves are made available sometime in December of this year.

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