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HackedPack Swift Messenger Bag Hammock

Double function gear is something that can be an interest to a lot of people. On one side, it can function as it was typically designed for. But then again, it can also function into something you will not expect it to be. There are many such gadgets available and they cater to different people. And for those who are fond of outdoor adventures the HackedPack Swift Messenger Bag Hammock is something that is worth looking into.

The HackedPack Swift Messenger Bag Hammock is something that frequent travelers may consider having. This messenger bag comes with spacious compartments that can hold up to 20 liters. But aside from that, it can also be used as a sturdy hammock built out of durable parachute material. It comes with two aluminum alloy carabiners to easily attach both ends of the hammock at the chosen ideal points. Users get an instant bed to sleep in anywhere they go.

So if you consider yourself an urban adventurer or someone who just values some nap time whenever there’s some free time, then the HackedPack Swift Messenger Bag Hammock is for you. It is also an ideal gear for those who prefer a nomadic lifestyle, living life and discovering experiences in different locations all the time. The HackedPack Swift Messenger Bag Hammock is available at Amazon for around $109.

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