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The Smacircle Electric Bike Fits Into Your Backpack

Electric bikes has recently become more available and popular among the younger people. And it becomes more than a trendy way to take the daily commute. It can sure beat the hassles of traffic, especially on that last leg of the daily trip. An E-bike allows riders to enjoy this convenience without having to rely solely on pedal power to go around. And with the Smacircle Electric Bike, riders may also enjoy the fact that it is so portable and handy.

Yes, the Smacircle E-bike is so portable that it can fit into a  standard backpack when folded. That is the unique feature of this electric bike. The body is made out of carbon fiber, making it lightweight and easier to carry around at just 15.4 lbs. or around 7kg. The design allows it to be cramped in its storage form at only 19 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. The E-bike can be folded in just 5 easy steps.

The Smacircle E-bike comes with a 240-watt brushless motor that can go for up to 12mph and climb up to a 15-degree incline. Embedded electronic brakes provide a safer way to make the moving bike stop.

The Smacircle also comes with an adjustable handlebar height and a comfortable saddle for a convenient ride. The rechargeable batteries can be fully charged for 2.5 hours and can go for a distance of 12 miles. This makes the portable e-bike ideal for town and inner city travel. It also comes with a USB slot to allow riders to recharge devices as they go. The Smacircle electric bike is  currently in the final stages of a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  You can still become one of its early adopters for a pledge of $699, a discount out of a estimated retail price of $1499 once it is available. The first of the Smacircle electric bikes is expected to be out sometime in October of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo


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