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Kunkun Body Alerts You If You’re Smelly

body odor detector

Everyone know how embarrassing it can be to go out in the crowd only to notice people covering their noses while you pass by. Yes, being smelly can become anyone’s problem. But it can be prevented. But there are times when people are unaware of their own odor that they only realize a little too late that they do. But credit it to scientists for learning how to detect various odors and technology to make it possible to alert someone in case they smell. Yes, that is the very purpose of the unique device called the Kunkun Body.

Body Odor Detector

The Kunkun Body is a device developed by Konica Minolta, a known manufacturer of cameras and printers. How they end up having a device that can detect noxious body odors is anyone’s guess. But beyond all that, it might just be a great idea because there are no other device out there quite like it. What this device does is alert the owner via his or her smartphone if it detects any noxious odors within the owner’s personal private vicinity.

The Kunkun Body detector focuses on four main areas of the body where unwelcome odors usually come from- the armpits, feet, the head and, oddly, that small area just behind the ears. What the device detects is the chemical compounds responsible for causing sweaty odor, middle fat odor, and that age-old odor. Just connect the Kunkun Body to your smartphone via Bluetooth, launch the accompanying app, and then place the device somewhere near the major body areas where odors can possibly emanate from. The device sensors then take not of what it detects and provides users with a visual graph of his or her odor level. Using this data, users can then take the appropriate measures in order to stay smelling fresh before heading out for the crowds.

The Kunkun Body is a discreet device to help you gain more confidence in yourself when you are among friends and colleagues. You do not have to second guess if you smell funny among the crowd because you have this device to help you detect it and act on it even before other people do. The Kunkun Body device was recently introduced and is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign. But when it does come out sometime in December of this year, it is expected to retail at around 30,000 Yen or around $265.

Image Source: Konica Minolta


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