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Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer

People nowadays are commonly taking photos using their smartphones. Many consider it as a more convenient means of capturing daily experiences in digital still pictures. Unfortunately, people are content just viewing the captured photos from their phones as well. There seems to be a few who prefer them in printed and physical form. But the main reason for it is that people do not have a more convenient means of printing the digital pictures from the comforts of home or office. This Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer may provide people with the means of printing digital pictures in a more convenient way.

The Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer works as both a scanner and printer in one. But if you look closer at this device, it works just like a Polaroid camera in a different way. The instant printer also needs a setup as it can also be folded flat for easy storage when not needed. In its operating setup, users only need to choose a digital picture and have it displayed on their smartphone. The phone is then placed on top of the instant printer and then a button is pressed to capture it. A knob is then turned on the side until a Polaroid-style photo paper comes out. Inj a few minutes, you will then have a physical copy of a chosen digital photo for showing, sharing or given to others. The Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer is ideal for people who always like to store and keep physical copies of their digital photos. It is available at the Japan Trend Shop for pre-order at around $72. It is expected to be available sometime on September of this year.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop



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