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Tertill, The Weed-Killing Robot

garden robot

We are now close to having more and more robots assisting us with doing our daily activities. With the aim of building a smart home robots now come in many different shapes and sizes to help make our daily lives more convenient. From robot vacuum cleaners to AI-controlled home appliances, we may be close to having humanoid assistants around the house to do our bidding. But for now, we will be seeing unique robots to can do certain specific tasks to make our workload a bit easier. With the new Tertill robot, gardeners may now have a helper in taking care of the weeds in the backyard.

Robot Weed Killer

The Tertill is developed by Franklin Robotics, the same company that gave us the Roomba. Now, they are focusing on having a robot that will help homeowners take care of their gardens. This robot is solar-powered and designed to kill the weeds in gardens. The disk-shaped robots carefully roams the garden and detects and identifies any unwanted plants and them whacks them before the wreck havoc.

The Tertill uses a simple method to identify any unwanted plants. It has sensors that detects tall plants and then avoids them. Weeds in general are small. The Tertill detects any plants that passes under it and activates the weed cutter to get rid of the undesirable plant.  Gardeners can also use small collars for short  and newly-cultivated plants so that the Tertill will recognize and avoid them. The Tertill does its job day in and day out, scanning through the whole garden. This keeps the weeds always at bay as the robot will get rid of them just as they sprout.  And since the weeds will not be able to develop leaves, they will eventually wither and die.

The Tertill is entirely powered by the sun. It also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. This gadget helps promote an alternative to getting rid of weeds without using harmful herbicides. It is also an ideal garden helper that can diligently take care of the weeds in the garden even if the human owners may forget to do so sometimes. The makers of Tertill are currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. By the looks of it, the garden robot may just have avid gardeners wanting to have one to try it out. If you wish to be one of the first ones to try out the robot, a pledge of $249 will get you one to test once it is shipped sometime in May of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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