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Airdog ADII Camera Drone

Action sports have become quite popular not just because of the excitement they bring. Having action cameras to record and share the experience have given some added appeal as well, enough to convince other people to try it out themselves. Scenic action shots do even better with the arrival of drones to record the action shots from up above. This new Airdog ADII Camera Drone takes it a step further as a smarter auto-follow drone.

The new Airdog ADII drone takes the cudgels from the Airdog 1, considered as the first high performance auto-follow camera drone in the market when it came out. Better technology and improvements are integrated into the new Airdog ADII to give a better performance camera drone with added features. The drone is built with hands-free operation and control in mind. This gives the user complete freedom to capture content rather than trying to navigate and maneuver the drone to take those shots.

The new Airdog ADII camera drone comes with AirLeash, a wearable tracking device that replaces the remote control made up of joysticks and large display screens common in other drones. It also allows users to set GPS waypoints along which the drone can follow instead of simply following the device. This allows the drone to follow a track while avoiding obstacles along the way. Users can also adjust the altitude as well as other settings according to what the user wants to achieve. The drone can also be set to different free follow modes that take the complexities out of getting the Airdog ADII up in the air and capture action or scenic shots. The Airdog ADII Camera Drone is also wind resistant, able to withstand winds of up to 30knots or 15m/s. Its durable construction and powerful propulsion systems make it able to perform even in windy and other rough weather conditions. The Airdog ADII is currently available for pre-orders for $1,299.  It is expected to be available in October of this year. Afterwards, this drone will retail for around $1,500.

Image Source: Airdog


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