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Elgato Cam Link Turns Your Camera Into A Webcam

People nowadays are all about capturing those wonderful experiences in a way they can relive it by seeing it again and again. Digital cameras have found their way into the daily lives of the people these devices are a good way to capture stills, with some  even in video formats. But there are also others who prefer sharing their live experiences in real time. That is why people are now into sharing their lives online. And for those who makes use of a digital camera, there is now a way to make that camera into something that can be used online. The Elgato Cam Link can transform that digital camera into a webcam to create better quality images on video streaming.

The new Elgato Cam Link is a USB accessory that can turn any camera into a quality webcam. With a DSLR camera connected to the Cam Link, online streaming videos can now benefit from the higher resolution camera when creating online streams. You can also use any camcorder or action cam, as long as it has an HDMI slot output. You can instantly turn it into a quality webcam using Cam Link.

The Elgato Cam Link uses a 4th generation Quad Core Intel Core i5 CPU and provides resolutions of up to 1080p at 60fps. This allows for clearer and sharper video streams with low latency for better content. Not only that, the Elgato Cam link can also let you record your camera and video shots and send them directly to your hard drive. You do not have to worry about filling up your memory card when you are taking shots. The Elgato Cam Link is available at the Elgato website for $130.

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