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Halos GoDrive Pro

One of the usual concerns of many about gadgets has always been storage. Even for iPhone owners, this can be a common concern. No matter how large the internal memory of the iPhone, many times people still find it lacking. The concern may not be immediate. But years of using the smartphone can eventually fill up any remaining memory on the phone with pictures, movies, songs, and other files. When deleting these important files is out of the question, it can be a hassle trying to  transfer them to a PC just to free up some valuable storage memory. The problem with the iPhone is that it does not have an option for adding an external memory card. But that is about to change with the next best option offered by the Halos GoDrive Pro.

The Halos GoDrive Pro is a special iPhone-compatible charging cable that doubles as a MicroSD slot. More than just an ordinary charging cable, the GoDrive Pro is a MicroSD card reader and quick charger. Users can benefit from the added storage memory on their iPhones as well as faster charging times. It provides the means of direct access to a microSD card for iPhones as well as iPads. The GoDrive Pro can also provide quick charging of your devices, able to charge up to 50 percent of your battery in just 20 minutes.

Using the GoDrive app, users can directly access, share and transfer of data not just on Apple devices but also includes digital cameras, dash cams and drones that make use of a lightning connector. Its features are made possible by the intelligent chip built into the GoDrive Pro. If you encounter memory problems on your devices due to an accumulation of valuable stored data, then you might be in need of the GoDrive Pro from Halos. It is currently available on Kickstarter for $39 for an early bird special for the 32GB microSD version. It is expected to go for around $53 when available on retail.

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