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The Illumibowl Toilet Projector Makes Nightly Toilet Trips Easier

Going to the toilet in the middle of the night can sometime be a hassle. Some people try to hold the urge until the morning because the trip to the toilet in the dark can be full of obstacles. Even ifnthey do reach the toilet successfully, there is still issue of hitting the toilet bowl in the dark. Sometimes the urge to answer the call of nature can be so overwhelming that people do not bother to turn on the light, which leads to disastrous results. Now, that will no longer become an issue with the Illumibowl toilet projector.

The Illimibowl toilet projector is a convenient device to have for people who are always going on trips to the toilet in the middle of the night. Hitting the toilet bowl in the dark can be a challenge for many, so this toilet projector help resolve that problem. The Illumibowl features a light projector that can project an emoji into the toilet bowl to provide some much needed lighting as well as aiming target in the dark when going to the toilet. Users need not even turn on any switch since the toilet projector comes with a motion sensor to turn it on.  Its back comes with a sticker that allows it to attach securely to any toilet lid. It can also be removed easily and washed in water and still work just as strong. That is because it does not use any ordinary adhesive but hi-strength PU gel.

While some may not give the Illumibowl toilet projector worth a second look, it may be a lifesaver for people who find it a hassle to pee in the toilet while in the dark. It is just one of those things that you will not find necessary until you’ve used it yourself.  Well a lot of people may find it useful based on its crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.  It has already reached its pledge target in just a week or so. One reason may be its affordable pre-order cost.  A pledge of $15 on its crowd funding page can get you one Illumibowl for use when it is shipped sometime in September of this year.  That is a small price to pay for some added convenience to a usually nightly concern whenever one ventures into the toilet in the dark.

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