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Nemo Cloudview Hammock

Going on hikes and exploring the outdoors can be fun. It can also be a challenge for some in the absence of the common comforts of home. But that is the very appeal of the great outdoors- going back to the very basics of survival. But that is not to say that you cannot afford to bring some level of comfort with you, such as this new Nemo Cloudview Hammock.

The Nemo Cloudview Hammock can make your outdoor adventure a bit more comfortable and relaxing. This hammock features an open design ideal for socializing during a relaxing layover when you need one during your camping trip or in the backyard to get some sun. With hammocks easier to set up than tents, most people will certainly consider bringing one along while camping, as long as it is not a hassle to carry. This Nemo Cloudview Hammock will certainly not disappoint.

The Cloudview Hammock features a tough material made from trampoline fabric. The hammock is weatherproof as well. It is partially see-through and breathable, making it ideal for using in the summer. It c an easily be set up at camps using a suspension system composed of a one-inch webbing with a steel buckle that can be hitched around a tree.

When set up, the Nemo Cloudview Hammock makes use of Layflat patterning that provides full body support without the feeling of being swaddled. Durable spreader bars are also used to help stretch out the hammock to help the hammock stay in the proper position and preventing the material edges from wrapping around the user’s body. For added convenience, the hammock also comes with a cup holder to keep your favorite drink upright as you relax while on it.  On the other side, there is another pocket designed to hold portable devices. The Nemo Cloudview Hammock can easily be stored in a carrying case that can be held over the shoulder or shoved inside a backpack. The whole package weighs 5 pounds but can hold weights of up to 400 pounds when used. The Nemo Cloudview Hammock is now available at the Nemo website for around $170.

Image Source: Nemo Equipment


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