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Google Pixel Buds

While Google has recently launched its new Google Pixel 2 smartphone, they have also announced the availability of new accessories for it. One of the new ones on offer that some people may like is the Google Pixel Buds.

The Google Pixel Buds is a new pair of wireless earbuds that provide users with more than just high quality audio. This pair actually comes with a neat feature when paired with the Google Pixel smartphone. It is able to provide real-time translations of the major languages when the user needs it. The feature can be activated with the help of Google Assistant with just touching and holding the right earbud. Making a personal translator as a feature for the earbuds is quite a stroke of genius, something that many avid travelers may want to have during their trips.

Aside from that, the Google Pixel Buds also comes with filters that do away with background noise so that you get clear and crisp audio even when you use it to answer calls. Despite its tiny size, users can also make convenient use of controls on the right earbud in order to play or pause music or even in adjusting volume. It also comes with rechargeable batteries good enough for up to 5 hours of use. But users can even extend that up to 24 hours of listening time, thanks to the Google Pixel Buds’ charging case, which can hold multiple charges on the go. Quite an interesting accessory for your Google Pixel smartphone, the Google Pixel Buds is now available at the Google Store for $159.

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