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Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator

The need for power has continued to increase year after year. With a majority of the power in cities generated from fossil fuels, not only are they polluting, they are also a limited fuel source. There will come a time when the fuel supply will not be able to  address the increasing demand for power. That is why more and more people are considering using renewable energy to supplement their increasing power needs. With devices like the Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator, the approach to using alternative energy sources  is made possible right at the home front.

The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator is a new product from Renogy that aims to provide households with a means tp produce electrical power  through alternative means . This generator is charged by harnessing the power of the sun to recharge its lithium-ion phosphate batteries. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator has a maximum solar input of 300 watts and can be fully charged in as short as four hours when using 3 solar panels.  Aside from the sun, the Lycan Powerbox can also be recharged from the car, and via the usual household AC power outlet. Users can recharge the portable generator while they can also recharge their different gadgets from it simultaneously. A built-in USB port can accommodate four devices for recharging as well as 4 via the 110V AC outlets, and 4 DC outlets.

What makes the Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator more interesting is that its lithium-ion phosphate battery is swappable, allowing users to change into new batteries when the old ones have gone through its expected lifespan of over 2000 cycles. It is also designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It is an ideal power source during emergencies or blackouts. It can also be an ideal companion for people going on a camping trip somewhere AC power may not be readily available. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator can also be conveniently used for power in order to lower energy –related costs at home. The Lycan Powerbox Portable Solar Generator is now available at the Renogy site. Price starts at around $1,800.

Image Source: Renogy


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