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This Mini Wireless IP Camera Does A Lot

People nowadays are into trying to capture their lives on video and sharing it with others on social networks. It pretty much becomes the most convenient way of keeping it touch with others nowadays. What better way to make video recording more convenient in this case than by using devices like this Mini Wireless IP Camera.

If you are fond of capturing certain parts of your daily life on video, whether indoors or outdoors, this Mini Wireless IP Camera will certainly come in handy. It has quite a number of brilliant features despite is small size. For one, this mini camera is capable of capturing HD quality video in 1080 or 720p. it also  supports a MicroSD card with up to 32GB memory. A built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery can provide up to 2 to 3 hours of continuous video recording. The camera also connects via any WiFi network easily which allows users to access, view and control the IP camera using their smartphone by downloading a free intuitive app compatible for Android and iOS gadgets.

The Mini Wireless IP Camera also comes with motion detection sensors and can allow loop recording and time lapses. What makes it great is that it is only about 1.5 inches in size and weighs just 32 grams. It is an ideal camera for a variety of uses, including for live streams, baby monitor, pet cam, IP camera and many others. What’s more, it comes with a magnetic clip and sticker that allows users to attach the Mini Wireless IP Camera virtually anywhere. The Mini Wireless IP Camera is available at Gadgets Catalog for around $70.

Image Source: Gadgets Catalog


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