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TAP Wearable Input Device

There are some gadgets that people have grown accustomed to using day in and day out. Some even have developed muscle memory trying to use them. But even then, there are others who look for other options at one time or another, just for the sake of doing it differently. Take the keyboard for example. People have been way to familiar with using the standard keyboard that it seems pretty hard to deviate from doing something different. But when you think about using keyboard for input on smaller devices such as a smartphone or tablet, people will certainly be welcoming of being introduced to other convenient options. The TAP Wearable Input Device offers something unique that just might work.

The TAP Wearable Input Device is a uniquely different wireless input device that may just be the convenient alternative that smartphone or tablet users are looking for. Instead of pressing letters and numbers on a keypad or keyboard for input, this device make use of various finger taps on different surfaces to achieve the same purpose. Users wear the 5-ring design device on the fingers of their hands. On each ring comes a sensor that detects the tap or movement of each finger and then relays these signals to a device via Bluetooth. As a standard, the tap of each of the finger corresponds to a vowel of the alphabet. The rest of the letters corresponds to the different finger tap combos available.

Using the TAP Wearable Input Device may come with a steep learning curve, considering that it is quite a departure from the usual.  But on the other hand, the effort of learning its use will be quite worthwhile for owners of those gadgets that are getting smaller and smaller. This input device may be quite convenient for inputs on smartwatches, wearable head displays, and other similar devices. It may take awhile for this input device to catch on, but it can someday get there. The TAP Wearable Input Device is currently available for pre-orders at their website for around $130.

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