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Pen Mouse

The computer mouse has been a common and usual companion of many computer users. It offers the most convenient means of  navigating around the computer screen. The standard computer mouse has become so successful in its tasks that it remains largely having the same design since it was first introduced. Some people may be looking for other alternatives. This new Pen Mouse will fit right in quite nicely.

The new Pen Mouse is a unique and ideal choice to replace the dependable computer mouse. Unlike an ordinary mouse which requires a flat and smooth surface to work its magic, the pen Mouse just needs a small area where users can point it. It is designed just like a pen and can be used almost the same as when you are writing with it. The difference is that the Pen Mouse comes with buttons situated where a user’s fingers are placed when in the act of writing. The buttons also act the same way the buttons work on the ordinary computer mouse. It even has a scroll wheel as well.

The Pen Mouse is convenient to use in that users need not look for a suitable surface to function. It works on most surfaces and can even be used since using the Pen Mouse requires the hand to stay upright, there is less tension on the wrist, preventing hand injuries from occurring. It is also wireless and has a transmitter that allows the use of the Pen Mouse up to 10 meters away. Just like an ordinary computer mouse, it is also battery powered, running on a single AAA battery. The Pen Mouse is also ideal for use at presentations during business meetings, teaching, and other similar instances. The Pen Mouse is available at iCoolGadgets for around $34.

Image Source: iCoolGadgets


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