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Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask

More and more people today are not getting the right amount of sleep every night. Aside from conditions such as insomnia, others may be bothered by stress, busy schedules, and overwork as common reasons. Good quality sleep has become a luxury for a lot of people. The new Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask will at least help ensure that people can get the best quality sleep whenever they can.

The Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask uses light technology in order to provide users with optimum experience in slumber land. At first, it analyzes the user’s sleeping patterns and then provides the best light effects needed to calm the user into a meditative state. It also comes with built-in audio to further induce deep sleep and put the user into a relaxed state. Users can choose from the ambient sounds or pre-installed soundtracks in the device. Users can also choose to play their favorite relaxing music to play in the background and they start to doze off.

The Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask itself is quite comfortable when worn. Its secure design eliminates any light leakage when worn as a sleep mask. Users can choose from a light program and audio that helps them fall asleep faster. As an added feature, the Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask also comes with a gentle alarm mode that uses soft green light to wake users up at the best time of the sleep cycle. The Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask is currently available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $179. It is expected to come out sometime in April of this year.

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