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Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle

A lot of people take potable drinking water for granted, thanks to the conveniences that modern life offers. But take away that convenience and lives may be put to a compromise.  Lack of drinking water during emergencies such as earthquakes and other disasters can be a life and death situation. There might be a water supply nearby but it can be risky if drinkability is not assured. People can prepare for such situations in the future by having a portable water purifier such as the new Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle.

The Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle is a unique yet useful tool needed ensuring that you can drink safe and clean drinking water virtually anywhere. It is a special water bottle that features its own water purifying system. Inside, there is a compact water filtering system that can filter out 99.9 percent of water impurities that come through it. It also uses a pump piston system to accelerate the water purifying process. Many water filter systems rely on gravity to make the water pass through the filters to make the water drinkable, which can take up a lot of time.

The Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle makes use of the built-in hand pump system to force impure water to pass through the water filter and come out clean and drinkable on the other side.  Each pump of the hand can result in drinkable water filling up the water bottle, accelerating the process. This makes the Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle handy for emergencies as well as for using when going out on an outdoor adventure. It will ensure that you can always have some water to drink safely even if the source isn’t.  The Purisoo Portable Purifier Water Bottle is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where you can pre-order one for $69. Expected availability is planned sometime in July of this year.

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