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Airwheel SR3 Suitcase

You may think that robots and travelers may not be a common combination. But the way that technology and innovative thinking has developed, it may not be that farfetched. Travelers can actually appreciate a bit of assistance from special robots, such as what this Airwheel SR3 Suitcase offers.

The Airwheel SR3 Suitcase is not just an ordinary piece of luggage. It is actually a robot designed as a suitcase. Aside from the usual functions of a suitcase carrying traveler’s essentials, it helps make going around more convenient for the traveler. This high tech suitcase features such as auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, and alarm in case the suitcase is beyond the owner’s set range. Even with those features, it is even more advanced than you think.

The Airwheel SR3 Suitcase also comes equipped with visual tracking sensor technology. It can its owner visually using cameras with real-time visual recognition and tracking algorithms. Aside from a camera, this smart suitcase also comes with radar. It also comes with an ultrasonic receiver that’s coupled with SLAM or simultaneous localization and mapping technology so that it can identify, secure the suitcase as well as follow the user. This allows travelers some hands-free convenience with their luggage as they walk around.

The Airwheel SR3 Suitcase also comes with Bluetooth technology that connects it to the user’s smartphone that acts to notify or send an alarm to the user in case the suitcase is misplaced. In order to do all these, the Airwheel SR3 Suitcase comes with a removable battery to power it. The Airwheel SR3 Suitcase was recently launched to the public but there’s no word yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Airwheel


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