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Mega Stomp Panic: Audio fun for cosplay 0

Dressing up for Halloween has become a big deal not only for children, but also for adults. You want to show up at parties with the wittiest, most realistic costume,

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Thanko Hot Cat Gloves Complete Your Cosplay Shopping List 0

Thinking of dressing up as a Nyan Nyan in French maid costume on your next cosplay convention?  Sure, it’s easy to find a French maid attire at a local costume

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Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears move according to mood 0

It is cute to dress up as a cat, but do you know what could make your costume more awesome? Make the cat ears move, of course! One company based

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Build Your Own Iron Man Repulsor Cannon 2

Cosplay afficionados who plan on wearing Iron Man for the next convention or Halloween, but do not have an idea on how to do his repulsor cannon, this post is

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Columbia Introduces USB Powered Boots 2

Although USB-powered clothing and accessories are nothing new, it is only now that it is beginning to be embraced by mainstream clothing manufacturers as Columbia Sportswear unveils its Omni-Heat boots.

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Thanko Micro Sport MP3 Player 0

Thanko’s USB-based products either have a spy camera or are just plain silly, but this one seems to be on the serious side.  The Thanko Micro Sport MP3 Player is

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