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Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (0)

Serious PC gamers are always on the lookout for the best gaming peripherals out there. It seems to be an unending quest for most since gaming peripherals introduced year after year is designed to trump those gaming peripherals coming before them. But for those who are not quite that obsessed, this new Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will do quite fine. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed for Pc gamers who are quite selective with the peripherals they use when playing their favorite PC games. It comes with highly responsive yet quiet mechanical keys housed in a no-nonsense keyboard design. There are 6 programmable G keys available that players can configure individually for different games. The keys of this gaming keyboard are calibrated to prevent anti-ghosting which can affect gaming experience. Adjustable backlighting features make the gaming keyboard convenient to use even in low light conditions. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also comes with a USB pass through where users can also connect a mouse or a headset through the USB 2.0 slot, a convenience that gamers would welcome. The keyboard also comes with a detachable arm rest to provide gamers with comfort options when needed. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is currently available for pre-order at Logitech for US$150. It is expected to be available anytime this month in the US and around December in Europe. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse (3)

Having a device that offers only a single feature seems to be no longer that popular nowadays. People today tend to look for devices that offer some level of versatility by having several useful features. On the gaming front, one of such new devices is the Chameleon X1 Wireless Gampad Mouse from Shogun Bros. The Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 is designed as a typical PC wireless mouse but with added features. It also functions as a wireless game controller for PC games as well as a handy remote control and presenter. This gives the Chameleon X1 some level of versatility not usually available in other optical mouse types. The Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse is set to be available in the market anytime soon. It is expected to cost around US$55. Image Source: Shogun Bros Read More

Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard (2)

Most avid gamers usually take video and PC games quite seriously. This usually goes with the equipment they use. PC gamers especially would like to use peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard to be more ideal for gameplay. That is why peripherals such as the new Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard will always have a market just as long as there are new games to try and play. The new Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard is designed especially for better gameplay. This keyboard contains additional buttons that can be programmed to execute a number of game commands. Seven thumb modifier keys are placed under the space bar that allows gamers to have more convenient control. An additional five gaming macro keys are located on the left side of the keyboard to allow access to extra abilities used in gameplay for added convenience. The Razer Anansi was made to be used in conjunctionnn to the Razer Naga Wireless Mouse with its 12-button mouse keypad for enhanced gameplay. The Razer Anansi Keyboard is currently available for pre-orders at US$100. It is expected to ship out by December of this year. Image Source: Razer Read More

A Computer Mouse Specially Made for World of Warcraft (2)

SteelSeries comes up with a computer mouse that caters to players of World of Warcraft, the second in its series. The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO gaming mouse is co-developed by Blizzard, the makers of the popular massive multiplayer online role playing game. The mouse's whole design sticks true to the current themes of World of Warcraft, particularly the Cataclysm expansion set, from the brown-and-black color scheme to the body that would remind you of an illuminating armor. The WoW: Cataclysm mouse works with both Mac computers and PCs. An in-game guide would be provided during set-up. The mouse features 14 buttons that can be programmed with up to 130 preset commands. It can even store one profile, while its software can store up to 10 profiles. The mouse will be displayed during Blizzcon, which will be held in California next week. The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm gaming mouse will be released on December 7, the same day as the retail debut of Cataclysm. A single unit costs US$99.99. Source: CrunchGear Read More

NextGear-Note M750WX1 Gaming Laptop (0)

For gaming geeks out there, there is something that all of you ought to know. Mouse Computer, a Japanese company, has released the newest notebooks that you may want to have to enjoy. It is the NextGear-Note M750WX1 gaming laptop.This gaming PC contains features that will make you get your hands on one. It has a QX9300 processor Intel Core 2 Extreme, a RAM memory of 4 gigabytes as well as an Intel Turbo Memory of 2 gigabytes. Additionally, with a hard drive of 120 gigabytes, we believe this is ideal for game storage. Moreover, this is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX Graphics Card. It also has a 17-inch LCD monitor with a 1900x1200 resolution. And, of course, it has the same features that anyone will want from a laptop: a WiFi Link 5300 connectivity and a 1.3 megapixel webcam. With a price of over $3,600, we believe it reciprocates the idea of how noteworthy it truly is. But perhaps the best thing when availing this gizmo is that you get freebies like a Logicool G-5 LaserMouse with a steelpad Qqk mini. The NextGear-Note M750WX1 gaming laptop has an operating system of Windows XP and can be run using Windows Vista. It is available on online sites like source: Read More

Razer Aurantia Gaming Keyboard for China (0)

Razer is renowned as the creator of some of the best gaming peripherals for PCs. The California-based company is famous for revolutionizing the computer game industry by creating cutting-edge gaming peripherals that give gamers competitive edge. Razer is also known for its gaming keyboards Tarantula and Lycosa, with their blue backlights. Razer will be releasing its latest gaming keyboard called the Razer Aurantia. Though it still bears an arachnid's name, it is not destined to go down its predecessors' path. For one, it's not going stateside like the other famous Razer gaming keyboards. This one's East-bound - it will be available only in China. For another, it has red backlighting - which is very appropriate where it's headed. The Aurantia is reported to be ultra-portable. It's dimensions are 446 x 205 x 29 mm or 17.56 x 8.07 x 1.14 inches with the removable wrist rest attached.Razer Aurantia Featurescan record macrosstore 10 game profiles on-boardcan disable Windows key for gamingIt's not hard to see why there's a possibility that the Aurantia will one day turn up in the U.S. considering the keys are in English.The Aurantia will be available in China in mid-July packaged with a Razer Salmosa mouse for RMB 399.Image source: Read More

Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gamers (0)

Online gaming has become a very popular hobby among netizens.  With its cool graphics, crisp details, and cute avatars, the likes of World of Warcraft and Second Life have literally became an alternative lifestyle for many gaming junkies.  They demand the best hardware so that the games they play would be perform smoothly without any delays, as well as commands that do not take too much of a chore. Logitech targeted that market with their latest keyboard specifically for online gamers.  The Logitech G19 Gaming keyboard is intended as an additional arsenal for advanced gamers.  What is the difference between an ordinary keyboard and a gaming keyboard?  For one, this keyboard comes with a full-colored, tiltable LCD display panel that provides you in-game information on dozens of popular online games.  The G19 gaming keyboard also has 12 fully programmable G-keys, which replace the need for time-consuming commands.  You can even utilize its multi-key input feature, which allows you to use up to five keys at once while performing complex actions.The G19 also comes with two high-speed options and USB 2.0 ports to let you transfer data to and from peripherals.  It is currently available at $180, or you can add $80 for an additional G9 laser gaming mouse.Image source:  Read More

The Leap Input Device For Computers (1)

While the computers have gone through many advances in technology, the input peripherals such as the PC mouse used to navigate around the PC screen has largely remain the same. Although there are now some wireless varieties available, there is no new device that is expected to replace this long-standing peripheral. But that may be about to change with the development of the Leap. The Leap is a unique device that allows users to navigate through the display screen and issue action commands by simply using gestures in the air. It is an elongated iPod-like device that makes use of Leap Motion Technology to control swipes and gestures and translate the movement as actions that can be used to navigate through what's is on the display screen. What the technology does is create a 3D interaction space between you and the computer. There are also other gestures on the Leap device that can translate into other functions useful when browsing online or in other tasks. It is able to track motion for up to 1/100th of a millimeter. It also proves accurate even when used as a gaming controller for computer games. It is even simply to use as it readily attaches to the USB port of a PC. All that is readily available for use by the time the Leap early next year. For the moment, you can check it out at the Leap Motion site and avail of it for pre-order at an expected price of US$75. Image Source: Leap Motion Read More

XIM3 Controller Adapter for Xbox 360 (4)

For PC gamers, it can be challenging to try and play video games on popular gaming consoles like the Xbox 360. One of the reasons may be the vast difference in the game controllers in terms of the configurations used. While PC gamers are accustomed to using the PC mouse and keyboard, gaming consoles usually have their own game controllers with a different control configuration. It is a good thing that there is a device like the XIM3 Controller Adapter that may help provide a solution. The XIM3 Controller Adapter is a device used for the Xbox 360 that allows gamers to configure other gaming controllers such as a PC keyboard and mouse for use in the popular video game console. Not only that, the XIM3 can also be used to configure other specialized USB gaming controllers for use on Xbox such as the Logitech G13. Different controller profiles can also be assigned for different video games, giving players the choice of what input devices to use when playing games on Xbox. The XIM3 will make PC gamers more able to appreciate playing Xbox games more this time. Unfortunately, the XIM3 is currently not yet available in the market. But you can still check it out on their site to see its potential. Image Source: XIM3 Read More

XScorch 360 Goes Well With FPS Games (0)

Players who are into first-person shooting (FPS) games on the PC typically control their character with the help of both the keyboard and the mouse .  However, once these games become available in gaming consoles like Xbox 360 , the transition in controls may not be smooth. This is where the XScorch 360 comes in handy.  It consists of a right-hand mouse to target and a left-wand WASD grip to move.  It also has customizable digital sniper buttons and can be upgraded once a firmware update becomes available. The XScorch 360 also works on Windows-based PC, while PS3 users need not fret because Bannco (the manufacturer) also offers FRAGnSTEIN FPS controllers.  They are now available at the Bannco's website with a suggested retail price of US$79.99. Source:  TG Daily , via CrunchGear Read More

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