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Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case For iPhones  (0)

People now consider their smartphones as an essential part of daily life. That is what most people use to go online stay connected with others and be entertained with games, reading ebooks, and even do some work. And people now make use of protective cases in order to give their valuable phones some added protection. When it comes to cases, there are also others that help provide phones with added features. For iPhone owners out there, this Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case may well serve a good purpose. The Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case is a unique protective case for iPhones. While it may look ordinary and simple from the outside, it comes with a unique feature- it sticks to almost any surface, even on walls. The Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case comes with nano suction surface area that allows it to stick to any smooth surface.  This special phone casing makes it possible for  users to make hands free selfies. All they need to do is to stick their phone into a surface and then just click away. There is no need to use a selfie stick which can just be awkward to use sometimes. The Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case is available in a variety of  colors and also has swappable backplates. There are cases available for the different iPhone models. You can have a Megaverse Anti-Gravity Case for $30.  You can check it out at the Mega Tiny Corp. website for better details on this unique iPhone case. Image Source: Mega Tiny Corp Read More

Mevo Live Event Camera for iPhone (0)

Since creating live events and even blogging has become quite popular among many tech-savvy individuals out there, having different options for a camera can be quite beneficial. Most importantly, a camera that can provide users with the convenience that others can't is considered as of prime importance. In this case, the new Mevo for iPhone may be a camera that many avid videographers both professional and amateurs, would want to look into. The Mevo is an interesting digital camera designed for live events and creating videos on the fly. The camera itself features a 150-degree all glass lens that comes with a Sony 4K sensor, allowing the camera to provide 720p HD recording for live streaming as well as for recording video. Built-in stereo microphones come with dedicated DSP, providing crystal clear live sound as well as for videos. Users also have the ability to use a plugin external audio via the iOS device that is connected to the camera. But what makes the Mevo quite convenient to use is that the connected iOS device becomes a personal video editing suite with the accompanying iOS app for the camera. Users can zoom, pan, and cut clips with ease, all from a single camera and its iOS app. The Mevo Live Stream camera for iOS devices is now available at Amazon for $400. Image Source: Amazon Read More

The InkCase IVY Is More Than Just An iPhone 7 Case  (0)

Since you consider your iPhone 7 as special, its casing deserves the same treatment. Or rather, your iPhone 7 casing should be anything but ordinary. The new InkCase IVY should just be right up your alley when it comes to special iPhone 7 cases, if you are looking for one. The InkCase IVY from Oaxis is more than just an iPhone 7 case to provide some protection for your iPhone against the occasional bumps, drops, and scratches that comes with regular use. The InCase IVY is a smart case that also offers users some digital assistance. This case features a 2.13-inch screen located at the back of the case. It utilizes high quality E-Ink display technology. The screen can be used to display images selecting unique styles to complement the looks of your iPhone 7. The screen can also be used to display other information such as time and fitness data. It can also receive selected notifications from identified contacts, create to do lists, and many more. The display makes use of its own built-in battery that can last for weeks or even months on a single charge. You won't have to worry about it draining your phones energy reserves. The InkCase IVY also provides better protection for your iPhone 7. Thanks to the case using BubblePro Technology, it features millions of locking Micro Weaves that can absorb energy on impact, providing better drop protection.  The Ink Case IVY is currently available for pre-order at $49. Retail price is expected to be around $69 once it becomes available. The first shipments are to be sent out by the end of March of this year. Image Source: Oaxis Read More

Apple Reveals New iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus  (0)

The wait is now over. Apple has introduced the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the masses. It was recently revealed in the Apple Keynote event last September 7. There were certainly changes made on this new iteration of the popular smartphone, but they were not the ones that can warrant that much of a buzz, except of course for its new camera. And while it may not be that smartphone to capture imagination just like before, many avid fans will certainly welcome having a new model to crave for. The New iPhone 7 Main Features In the case of the new iPhone 7 Plus, the camera is one feature that many people will be interested in. Many users know that the smartphone camera is one of those often used features. Apple has just given it an upgrade in the new iPhone 7Plus. The new Apple smartphone features what is known as computational imaging. It will allow the phone's camera and sensors to automatically post-process images it captures, resulting in an improved image overall. Not only that, the new iPhone 7 Plus also comes with a standard as well as a telephoto lens as part of its rear camera module with a 12MP sensor. iPhone 7 Design In terms of design, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with a high-gloss finish as well as a seamless and well-protected enclosure. This also made the new iPhone water and dust resistant. The Home button is no longer a physical one. It features a force-sensitive virtual button that runs on a taptic engine. The HD Retina display is also 25 percent brighter than the previous model. What may also be a departure from the previous model is the iPhone 7's headphone slot, which is now makes use of the Lightning USB port instead of the usual headphone jack. For owners who still prefer the latter, Apple has also made a headphone jack adaptor available. Performance wise, Apple says that the new iPhone 7 is way faster than the previous model. It features a new A10 Fusion chip that is 50 percent faster in loading graphics than the A9 chip on the previous iPhone. Aside from that, the company says that the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus comes with the longest battery life for an iPhone. It may also be right to mention that Apple has done away with the 16GB iPhone. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will instead start with a 32GB model. Pricing for the new models start at $649 for the iPhone 7 and $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus when they come out sometime in late October. Image Source: Apple Read More

How The New And Unique JIC iPhone Case Can Make Your Day (0)

How many times have you wished of recording a phone conversation when you needed to? It may be call from a loved one that you wish to record and listen to again and again. It may be a long winding and yawn-inducing conference call that you need to go over one more time. You may have wished to record your conversation with your boss about a vacation that he may have forgotten. If you frequently encounter such situations, then you might need this JIC iPhone Case. The JIC iPhone Case is not just any ordinary protective casing for your smartphone. JIC, which stands for "Just In Case" serves its purpose of always being on standby when you need it. Its main selling point is that it can allow you to record any conversation you have on your iPhone. All you need to do is push the record button at the back of the case and it will start recording your phone conversations. Once you stop recording, the conversation will be played back to you. You can also use the JIC as a personal recorder when you wish to just record an idea or thought immediately, even without a phone conversation. It comes with a built-in 2GB MicroSD card to store the recordings without affecting your phones internal memory. Its built-in battery provides up to 8 hours of recording time. Since users have instant access with just a push of a button to record conversations, it becomes a convenient feature that not all iPhone users have. The makers of the JIC iPhone Case is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. A $39 pledge will get you one to try out before it becomes available for retail. Estimated delivery for early adopters is on May of this year. Image Source: Indiegogo Read More

AMP for iPhones (0)

People are always yearning for better sound. Even if their gadgets are already able to do that, they just sometimes yearn for something better. Aside from buying the newest and most recent device, they can also consider using accessories that will help make their current gadget sound better. For iPhone users, the AMP may be just the one. The AMP is a useful iPhone accessory that will help boost the sound of the recent iPhone models. It acts as a smartphone case that comes fitted with speakers to boost the sound output of the said device. But it does more than that. The AMP is able to customize your phone’s audio based on your hearing, listening tastes and preferences. It features four speaker drivers that deliver a balance of deep bass and crisp high notes. The AMP also comes with a built-in Cortex-M4 CPU, a high end 24-bit DAC, a dedicated mic processor and a headphone amplifier. It also comes with its built-in battery that powers the AMP hardware as well as boost the iPhone’s battery by up to 25 percent. There are AMP models designed for the iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 6 and 6S as well as iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S Plus. The AMP is currently available for pre-order at the AMP website for $99. Image Source: AMP Read More

Native Union CLIC 360° iPhone Casing (0)

When it comes to new smartphones the iPhone seems to always win as the first choice among many consumers. They value it so much that they eventually try to protect it from damage as carefully as they can. After buying the latest iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus, owners next plan is usually to buy a protective casing. The new Native Union CLIC 360° may be one of the best choices available. The Native Union CLIC 360° is designed to protect your valuable smartphone from damage. It offers military-grade drop-proof protection courtesy of its internal rubber mesh and shock absorbing screen bumper. Both features work together in order to absorb the forces created by drops and not let your iPhone feel any of it. Just like what its name denotes, the Native Union CLIC 360° offers 360-degree protection for your iPhone in case of sudden or accidental drops. It is thin and lightweight and will not add that much to your iPhone's current dimensions and design. The body of the Native Union CLIC 360° is made out of British Millerain fabric, considered as the world's most premium waxed cotton known to be water-repellent, durable and stain resistant. This protective casing is ideal for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is available at the Native Union site for $40. Image Source: Native Union Read More

DxO ONE Camera Takes DSLR Quality Images Using Your iPhone 6 (0)

People have grown fond of using their smart phones when taking images. Aside from being more convenient, smart phone cameras offer users an easy way to share photos online as well as many different ways to manipulate and edit them using different apps. But one thing that many smart phones lack is better image quality. While plans for the iPhone 6 along the line may be to have the ability to capture images in DSLR quality, it may still be years away. For now, iPhone 6 users can use the new DxO ONE attachment instead. The new DxO ONE is actually a digital camera on its own. But when you pair it with your new iPhone 6, you get the advantage of the smartphone's large display as the viewfinder. And since you can connect the DxO ONE into your iPhone 6, you get the convenience of sharing images as well as editing them using your smart phone apps. But the beauty of the DxO ONE camera is that it allows iPhone users to capture DSLR quality images. The DxO ONE comes with a one-inch 20MP BSI CMOS sensor with an f/1.8 aperture to capture light and images with more detail. The DxO ONE also offers Full HD video recording as well. What makes the DxO ONE an appealing add-on to your iPhone 6 is that it comes with a built-in battery so it will not use up your gramophone's power when being used. It also comes with a microSD card slot where you can store the images it captures. With the DxO ONE and iPhone 6 combo, you need not have to be lugging along your DSLR camera all the time. The DxO ONE is now available for pre-order at the DxO site for $599. It is expected to ship sometime in September of this year. Image Source: DxO Read More

PureGear Amazing Case For iPhone 6 (0)

Smartphone cases primarily protect the smartphone it houses within from the harsh elements. It also helps protect the phone from unwanted scratches. Some cases even boost battery power by having a separate built-in battery pack. These are now common features in many smartphone cases you find in the market. It also helps the companies that make them to get added attention by adding other unique, even quirky features. In the case of PureGear's new Amazing Case for the iPhone 6, its feature is a built-in game. The PureGear Amazing Case is a protective case for the iPhone 6 first and foremost. But what makes this case unique and appealing it the built-in maze puzzle that comes with it. Yes, the Amazing Case is designed with a complex labyrinth at the back of the case where users can maneuver a ball to get it from one end to the next. The PureGear Amazing Case for the iPhone 6 takes a simple classic idea for a game and seamlessly adds it to a common smartphone accessory to make a very appealing and interesting concept. The maze game itself is not entirely new. But putting it as part of an iPhone casing makes it a novel and fun idea. iPhone 6 users can now have a way to play a game on their smartphone even when the batteries are on empty. People can still have a use for an iPhone 6, even when it becomes a brick. The PureGear Amazing Case for the iPhone 6 is available at the PureGear site for $35. Image Source: Max Borges Agency Read More

The Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery (0)

The iPhone is considered as one of the more popular smartphones out there. The user-friendly features along with the smartphone's cool factor make it an in-demand device for many people. But what may probably be the downside of owning an Apple iPhone is its battery life. Some people may not enjoy their iPhones fully if its battery always ends up empty. To compensate, people bring along power banks to provide additional power when needed. But most of them tend to be bulky. The Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery may be a good alternative for iPhone users who may prefer its smaller profile. The Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery can provide iPhone users with supplemental power to recharge their device when needed. Its advantage lies on its small and portable profile. The Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery is just the size of a matchbox and easy to carry in one’s pockets. It is able to provide an additional 30 percent of power to your drained iPhone. That is good enough for 3 hours of talk time and 70 hours of standby time. It comes with an 800 mAh battery that users can fully recharge using the included USB cable for 90 minutes. The retractable lightning and USB adapters can extend up to 19 inches for convenient recharging of your devices. The Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $60. Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer Read More

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