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Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera (0)

People thrive on connections. They always want to take care of relationships and connect with loved ones as much as they can. They want to keep updated on things happening at home even when they are somewhere else. Technologies available today has enabled people to get closer and connect with loved ones even when they are distance apart. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera is just one such device. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera is a portable wireless camera that enables home owners to connect, see, hear and learn what is happening at home even while they are at work or on a trip somewhere. This home camera activates and can be viewed using a companion smartphone app available for both iOS and Android platforms. The app connects to the Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera via the Internet to give users a means to see what's up at home even when they are away. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera features Live HD Video streaming with 2-Way Talk and Listen over WiFi that allows home owners 2-way interaction with loved ones at home at anytime. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera also provides alerts via Scene Intuition technology where the camera filters through footage to send or alert users to interesting videos they would want to see. The smart camera and its companion app can also provide Day Briefs, a summary of auto-generated 30-second video clips of interesting events that has happened throughout the day. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera is portable and rechargeable. Users can even use it as a companion video cam, taking it from room to room to stream up to three hours of video for every charge. The Logitech Logi Circle Home Camera is currently available for pre-order for $200. It is set to ship out sometime this month. Image Source: Business Wire Read More

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard (0)

People nowadays are not just using a single computer to do their work or tasks. Most of the time, people now use multiple devices as the same time to do tasks. Having a common device to function with these multiple devices at the same time is therefore quite essential. Having the new Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard can be a great timesaver for people who work with multiple devices all the time. The new Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is a handy portable wireless keyboard that you can use not only with a compatible computer but also with your smartphone, tablet or any other compatible device. It can take on up to three compatible devices at the same time. Users can simply switch from one to the other by using the convenient Easy Switch buttons. As long as you are within connection range with your devices, you can conveniently use the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard also comes with unique rounded keys to give it a different personality from your usual wireless keyboard. It is also smart enough to recognize a connected device and enable supported functions and keys. It can run for up to two years on two AAA alkaline batteries. It is quite handy for people who always multi-task on several devices as just part of their daily habit. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is available at the Logitech site for $40. Image Source: Logitech   Read More

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard: Typing on TV made easy (0)

There are some procedures on television these days that require inputing letters using your remote control, such as entering a passowrd on your Netflix account. This is also the case in cable boxes, Blu-ray players, and home entertainment consoles. Most of the time, typing via remote is excruiciating because each key represents multiple letters and you wouldn't know if you are inputing the right character (in case of passwords). Logitech has unveiled a keyboard fit for TV. The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard works with Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox, as well as your Mac or PC. As an accessory to your entertainment system, the Harmony Smart Keyboard can control up to eight different devices, managing media receivers and smart TVs alike. It communicates with the HUB, a USB receiver that can be plugged into the entertainment device of choice, using WiFi. The receiver translates every keystroke into commands for the media device. The smart keyboard also connects using Bluetooth with Apple TV or PlayStation 3. Apart from making password inputs easier, this keyboard also works as an universal remote control, with dedicated buttons to display channel guides and even control gameplay. This feature can be set up using the Harmony mobile app and on Logitech's Harmony website. The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard goes on sale beginning March for $149.99. Source: Mashable Read More

Logitech Powershell mobile controller & power pack (0)

We have reported about Logitech's gamepad for iPhone when it was leaked online, and now the iOS-compliant controller is now ready to roll out the market. The Logitech Powershell not only works as a gaming controller for your iOS devices, but is also a battery pack for double the game time. Pop your device right in the middle of the controller and it becomes a pocket-sized handheld console. This gadget works like an ordinary smartphone case, but its physical buttons--including a directional pad, shoulder triggers, and face buttons--would indicate this is no ordinary decorative case. The Powershell also contains a 1,500mAh battery, which is as good as a full charge on an iPhone. It works with a long list of games (and still growing) that are available in the App Store, including Lego Lord of the Rings, Bastion, Galaxy on Fire 2, and Limbo. The Logitech Powershell works with the iPhone 5 and 5S, as well as the 5th-generation iPod Touch, all of which should be running on iOS 7. It is now available for pre-order at Apple's Online Store and Best Buy for $99.99, which will be shipped in December. Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech gamepad for iPhone leaked (0)

Months leading to the official roll out of iOS 7, rumors have been swirling that the mobile OS would come with standardized support for game controllers. However, we did not hear anything from Apple about that possibility even when all of your Facebook friends have posted updates about updating their iPhones to iOS 7. It took the sometimes-reliable Evleaks to provide excitement to mobile gamers as it leaked a photo of a Logitech gamepad for iPhone on Twitter. The Logitech controller features a directional pad, four face buttoms, and a couple of shoulder triggers. The iPhone is placed at the center of the Logitech gamepad, turning the smartphone into a handheld gaming console like the Sony PlayStation Vita. The gamepad looks quite lengthy, about twice the length of the iPhone 5. There is, however, the possibility that it could be a prototype so expect some design changes before the official release... if this Logitech gamepad for iPhone is for real. Controller attachments on mobile devices have not been popular among consumers, but there is definitely a market for it. Many touchscreen games available today would be great when controlled with a physical gamepad, such as RPGs and first-person shooters. Would you like to have one of these for your iPhone? Tell us at the comment box! Source: The Verge Read More

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control System (0)

With the number of gadgets that people have today, it can be quite overwhelming trying to manage all of them, much less control them when you need to. While some of these devices have their own remote controls for convenience, having several of them can sometimes become quite confusing. Having different remote controls for several devices can have that effect. But there is an option available. There's the Logitech Harmony Ultimate to allow you to control different devices using a single remote. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate allows users to consolidate remotely controlling gadgets using only a single device. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate can control your home theatre system, Bluetooth game consoles as well as IR controlled devices and via WiFi, among other things. This remote control comes with a 2.4-inch color touchscreen that can control up to 15 devices. It is compatible also for use with a range of 225,000 different product brands. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate can also pair up with your smartphone so that you can also use it as a personal remote control with the Logitech Smart Control. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate may just become the device that will allow you to conveniently control those many devices you have at home. It is expected to be available this month for US$350. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam (1)

Many people can no longer just rely on the image or video quality that a typical webcam can provide. This may be especially true for Mac users. A new type of webcam may be needed. The new Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam might just fit the bill. The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam is a newly designed webcam for the Mac from the popular Swiss company. It features a new quality webcam designed not only to broadcast or stream live content through a website like Ustream, but also provide some wireless convenience to a common Mac peripheral. The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam allows Mac users to create professional looking videos as well as stream content live in HD quality. What's more, people can record a video directly through a Mac, iPad or iPhone without having to deal with wires. And since it works via WiFi, users can move it around to give people on the other side watching have a more dynamic view rather than just being a camera that's fixed only in one place. It is versatile enough to give different POV's especially when making video calls. The new Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam is set to arrive in both the US and European markets this month. It is expected to cost around US$200. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard (1)

Multitasking nowadays has evolved into something quite different. People do not just do several things at the same time using a single device, multitasking today might mean doing several things all at once on several devices. And in order for people to become more efficient in multitasking, this new Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard might come in handy. The Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard is a portable wireless keyboard that can simultaneously connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth. This means that this handy wireless keyboard can be paired up to a computer, a tablet and a smartphone all at once, switching easily from one to the other. It also comes with auto adjusting illumination, making it useful even in low light conditions. It also supports the use of upcoming Windows 8 devices as well as iOS and Android. The Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard is good for 10 days of use at full charge. This keyboard will be available any time this month and will cost at around US$100. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad (1)

With technology now using a more touch-based approach to navigation as influenced by the many touchscreen devices available today, introducing the same feature on desktops may not be as easy. Most desktops today still do not have touchscreen displays yet so some touch features may not be readily available. But that does not mean that it is impossible, with the likes of the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad now coming into the market. The new Logitech T650 is a new device that may become an alternative to the standard mouse of today. With new operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 now equipped with touch features, the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad can help integrate these features with desktops with non-touch displays. This wireless touchpad comes with a smooth glass surface to make finger gestures easier to do. It is also equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology for cordless convenience and an interference free wireless connectivity. The advanced optical tracking technology used in the touchpad allows for precise point and click functions. When using the Logitech T650, there are certain gestures that act as shortcuts to make computing even more convenient. Some of these functions are now quite standard in many touchscreen display devices such as the pinch to zoom in feature. Other touch gestures also help provide some shortcuts to common functions. The Logitech T650 also comes with a Unifying USB receiver that allows it to connect with multiple compatible wireless devices using only a single USB port. The Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad is expected to come out this month along with other new Logitech devices and is priced at US$80. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (0)

Serious PC gamers are always on the lookout for the best gaming peripherals out there. It seems to be an unending quest for most since gaming peripherals introduced year after year is designed to trump those gaming peripherals coming before them. But for those who are not quite that obsessed, this new Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will do quite fine. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed for Pc gamers who are quite selective with the peripherals they use when playing their favorite PC games. It comes with highly responsive yet quiet mechanical keys housed in a no-nonsense keyboard design. There are 6 programmable G keys available that players can configure individually for different games. The keys of this gaming keyboard are calibrated to prevent anti-ghosting which can affect gaming experience. Adjustable backlighting features make the gaming keyboard convenient to use even in low light conditions. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also comes with a USB pass through where users can also connect a mouse or a headset through the USB 2.0 slot, a convenience that gamers would welcome. The keyboard also comes with a detachable arm rest to provide gamers with comfort options when needed. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is currently available for pre-order at Logitech for US$150. It is expected to be available anytime this month in the US and around December in Europe. Image Source: Logitech Read More

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