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Logitech F540 Wireless Headset (5)

The need for better gaming headsets today are increasing. That is why more and more features are being added in order to keep this need satisfied in many aspects. The new Logitech F540 Wireless Headset aims to go above all that. The fact that the new Logitech F540 Gaming Headset is wireless is a treat in itself. Gamers have to deal with less wires this time while engaged with game play. In addition to this, the Logitech F540 allows users to connect up to three audio devices including the Sony PS3and the Microsoft Xbox 360. It comes with a wireless base station where you can plug in three analog inputs at the same time. Controls are provided on the headset itself to change from the different devices as well as control the audio and voice quality. Aside from delivering wireless stereo audio, the Logitech F540 Headset also provides voice chat support. The Logitech F540 Gaming Headset is set to enter the market this month and is expected to cost around US$150. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech Expects Revue Box for Google TV Hit 500K by End of 2010 (0)

High hopes abound with the launch of Google TV and Logitech is no different as it reportedly expects that the company would sell 500,000 units of Revue stand-alone boxes on 2010 alone. Before you raise your eyebrows and say, "And what month is it now," take note that these numbers translate to the number of units being shipped, not the ones being actually sold. The company is reportedly starting to ship the Revues from its factories in Taiwan to American retailers. It is unknown, however, how the public would react to Google TV and whether it can beat the likes of Roku or Boxee Box. Source: CrunchGear Read More

Logitech and Trackball Go Hand-in-Hand with New Wireless Mouse (2)

Logitech believes that the trackball will always and forever be associated with the computer mouse*, which is why it is unsurprising the company has unveiled the Wireless Trackball M570 mouse. The large trackball is placed on the top of the stationary mouse, where the right thumb is supposed to rest. The wireless mouse features a Unifying 2.4GHz wireless receiver that connects it with any compatible device using a single AA battery that can last, supposedly, for up to 18 months. The Logitech M570 wireless trackball mouse is expected to hit the shelves by the end of the month, costing US$59.99. * We actually made that up. Source: CrunchGear Read More

Logitech Speaker System Z623 (1)

Speakers today may no longer be easily categorized as to where they can be used. Many models already seem to overlap their functions primarily because of better technology. A good example would be the Logitech Speaker System Z623. The Logitech Z623 Speaker System is primarily designed for use as a desktop PC speaker. But because of its features, it can easily be used as a home entertainment alternative. It is one of those THX Certified speakers that can give you bold as well as crisp audio quality with its 200 Watt speakers. It is composed of a 130 Watt Subwoofer with a 7 inch pressure driver, and two 25 Watt satellite speakers each with a 2.5 inch dome drivers and aluminum phase plugs. The sound quality it provides makes it a good alternative for a budget home entertainment speaker system. The Logitech Speaker System Z623 is available at Logitech for US$150. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (2)

Using the PC no longer seems to be limited to sitting on the desk all the time. There are others who might prefer getting into some more comfortable positions while surfing the Net or playing online games or what have you. But the use of conventional keyboards may be preventing this such as lounging in the bed or an easy chair. It's a good thing that the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 can make this more possible. The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard provides two main convenient features. One, it allows a better level of mobility for being wireless. Two, the keys are illuminated for easy use even in dimly lit areas. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard also has some useful energy efficient features like built-in ambient sensors that detect the amount of light in a room and automatically adjust the keyboard backlighting based on it. It also comes equipped with motion sensors that detect hand movement to turn the backlighting on and off. This allows the battery of the wireless keyboard to last for up to 10 days, depending on how it is used. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is available at Logitech for US$100. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset (2)

Gamers today seem to look for better gadgets when playing their favorite video games. Die-hard video game fans even make it a point to get accessories like gaming headsets to further enhance the gaming experience. The new Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset may just be one of those things. The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset features 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity for a lag-free and interference resistant wireless connection good for up to 40 feet or 12 meters. It also comes in 7.1 surround sound to deliver an enhanced sound field that allows for better and more detailed audio. It also features 3 programmable keys to allow gamers to have better control over music, voice and chat clients. Noise isolating ear pads and memory foamed lined headband add up to a more comfortable fit. The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset is available at Logitech for US$160. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech Alert 750i Master System (4)

Home security and surveillance systems can get pretty complicated sometimes. Aside from system wiring set-ups, quality may not always be that good for most home surveillance systems today. But it seems that better technology is about to change that with the likes of the Logitech Alert 750i Master System. Logitech has been more known for its speakers and other PC related devices. This company is now offering the Logitech Alert 750i Master System for those looking out to install their own home security and surveillance system. What makes the Logitech Alert 750i Master System quite convenient is that it is probably the easiest home surveillance system to set-up at home. It makes use of current home electrical wiring as its network. The Logitech Alert 750i Master System is equipped with a smart HD camera that captures colored video in HD quality, unlike those conventional black and white home surveillance video that many are accustomed to. It is also designed to be connected online so that home owners may be able to monitor whats going on in their homes through the Web. Home owners may even be able to watch over their homes through a compatible smart phone, thanks to a powerful PC and Web software that comes with the package. The Logitech Alert 750i Master System is currently available for pre-orders at Logitech and costs around US$300. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers (3)

Having a good set of surround sound speakers need not be that costly. It is a good thing that Logitech has come up with its new Z506 Surround Sound Speaker set that can be used for your PC, game console, or video and audio players. The Logitech Z506 has features that may be quite unlike its price. The Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers feature multiple inputs that allow you the flexibility to set it up in a variety of ways for your different devices. Its 75 watts of RMS power can be enough to fill out the whole room with sound. It provide surround sound wit its 3D stereo even from 2 channel sources. The Z506 also comes with its own sub woofer to provide the deep bass sound to your movies, music and games. What makes it interesting is that the Logitech Z506 only costs around 80 British pounds. That is around US$122. It is available at Logitech for you to check out. Image Source: Logitech Read More

Logitech Revue, the First Google TV Set-Top Box (5)

Logitech's attempt to partner up with Google TV has come to fruition with the unveiling of the Logitech Revue, the first set-top box for Google TV (or what they like to call “Google TV companion box”). The device aims to “combine everything on the web, cable, and satellite with apps, video calling, and more.” More specs and details are expected to be provided in the coming days. We will keep you posted! Source: Engadget Read More

Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote (0)

Logitech promises to make their universal remotes even lower with the introductions of the Harmony 300 line, which can replace up to four buttons.  It features a refreshed Web-based setup wherein users simply hook up the remote to the Internet via computer, include what devices the remote will be used for, and let the website do the rest.  This setup also keeps your remote updated with every new IR device being introduced in the market. The remote buttons are even grouped according to device.  You can easily find where the buttons for the DVD are because they are grouped together.  It also has programmable buttons that would lead your right to your favorite channels or other customized controls. The Harmony 300 universal remote from Logitech will be on April at a suggested retail price of US$49.99. Source:  BusinessWire , via Engadget Read More

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