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Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (0)

Logitech has again achieved another milestone by redesigning their gaming keyboard and making it even better. This new, award-winning G15 gaming keyboard by Logitech is at the top of its class. It offers the hardcore gamers a level of in-game information that has never been seen before. One of the best features that you will immediately notice with this keyboard is that it has an adjustable backlit LCD display that you can tilt forward or backward. This LCD display screen displays several information about you within a game. If you're in a shooter game such as Counterstrike or maybe Quake, having this keyboard displays the number of grenades that you have and even the number of bullets. The amount of information that you can customize this to display is staggering.Aside from the crucial information that you get to see in this gaming keyboard, there is an option to set timers so that you will be able to keep track of game events. The level of programmability and control is simply astounding as you have 18 "G-Keys" which allow you to execute macros such as casting spells in games such as World of Warcraft with the press of a single button. There's also a feature in the keyboard that deliberately switches off the "Windows" key so if you accidentally hit it, it will not end your game. All in all, this is a good-looking keyboard with an even better-playing versatility. Read More

Google Chromecast: Bringing the Internet to Your TV (0)

Google attempts to steal the thunder from Apple TV once again with the Google Chromecast, a dongle-like device that brings content being played on a mobile device or computer into your television set. The $35 Chromecast is plugged into the television's HDMI port and streams content not directly from a local device, but from the cloud when you activate mirroring on a compatible service such as YouTube or Netflix. Your mobile device, meanwhile, also acts as a WiFi-connected remote control as you bring your favorite TV shows, movies, or viral videos to the bigger display. The Google Chromecast measures two inches in length and runs a watered-down version of Chrome OS. It turns itself on when you plug the device into the TV's HDMI port or on a USB power cable. You can connect the Chromecast to your local WiFi network and it seeks similarly connected mobile devices it can work with. Apps that work with Chromecast, such as YouTube, display a "Cast" button once the mobile device senses the dongle. Tap "Cast" to push content into the TV via the cloud and even control various aspects such as volume, play, and pause among others. The Chromecast is currently available in the US only, with no word from Google whether the device will be offered in other markets. Apart from the device itself, it comes shipped with an HDMI extension, a USB power cable, and a separate power adapter. Early buyers also get free three-month subscription on Netflix. It is now available on Google Play and Amazon, while Best Buy will sell Google Chromecast on its shelves beginning July 28. This is not the first time Google tries to bring online media content into the living room. The company launched Google TV in 2010, a software that runs on television sets and TV-connected accessories. Despite support from the likes of Sony and Logitech, sales of Google TV did not take off. Source: Google Chrome blog Read More

Matias Quiet Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard (1)

People using a mechanical keyboard usually look for accuracy in every key press. But while it may be the most accurate keyboards around in terms of eliminating lags, there might be an issue with the noise of the keys when typing. The Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may just help eliminate some of these noise issues. The Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may be considered as one of the quietest mechanical keyboard in the market today. It makes use of the Matias new Quiet Click mechanical switches in order to provide lesser click noise without affecting tactile feedback. This makes it ideal for use in group settings where silence is always precious. It also comes with 3 extra USB 2.0 ports where users can connect other USB devices. Laser etched keys ensure that the key symbols last for years and years of use. The Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard is available at Matias for US$150. Image Source: Matias Read More

Creative Live inPerson HD Webcam Gets Skype's Seal of Approval (4)

Skype has become very popular as of late because of its HD video calling service. To experience the full extent of this service, members would have to install HD webcams. Logitech and Microsoft released theirs last year, but Skype refused to certify them for use with its service. Although these HD webcams would work just fine on Skype HD, the messenger service would not guarantee they will work well. The reason behind this refusal is because Skype is only interested in certifying HD webcams that come with onboard video processing, so that Skype HD would even work in old computers. Creative has heeded this call and introduced the inPerson HD webcam with built-in H.264 encoder and CPU for flawless video conferencing. It even has an autofocus and "quad mic" system, so users can sit as far as 10 feet away and still be seen and heard clearly. However, if you are put off by its $150 price tag, there are cheaper alternatives out there like the HD webcams made by FaceVision and Freetalk. Source: Engadget Read More

Logitec Japan Introduces New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (2)

With portable media devices continually being developed here and there, other devices associated with them also seem to be developed to complement them. With waterproof portable media players coming out, it may just be normal for waterproof speakers to come out as well. It may be with this same mindset that Logitech Japan has come up with its new wireless Bluetooth speaker that also happens to be waterproof. The new Logitec LBT SPWP100 is a new wireless speaker that will allow users to stream music or via Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, DAP and other media players and use it even inside the bathtub or shower. This new wireless speaker is waterproof with an IPX5/7 grade protection. It is compatible for use with the iPod and the iPhone and can also be used as a hands free device to take calls with its own built-in mic. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that is good for an incredible 150hrs of operation. The new Logitec Wireless Waterproof Portable Speaker is now on sale in Japan. It price has not yet been provided on its site though. Image Source: Logitec Japan Read More

Peel Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote for Home Entertainment (0)

A common problem among home owners is when it comes to home entertainment, they often would have to deal with a lot of remote controls. And although there have been universal remotes around, like the Logitech Harmony devices, these cost more than US$100. Peel, a Santa Clara-based startup introduces a new system of controlling your home entertainment components using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and a gourd-like accessory called the Peel fruit. The plastic fruit works as a middleman between your phone (or tablet) and your TV components. It uses WiFi connection to relay commands from the smartphone to the fruit, which then transmits the appropriate infrared signals to all of your hardware devices. Using a free Peel app for your phone, and a $99 plastic gourd (which is available on the Apple Store), you can control almost everything from changing channels to swapping between different content sources. You can even customize the app so that it only recommends programs you are interested in. Keep in mind that you have to position the fruit device where it can "see" all of the components. This means you will have to put it several feet in front of the TV set. Setup is almost easy. Simply install the app and connect the device, then you are introduced to a wizard that would automatically figure out all the remote codes of the components. However, expect a lot of trial-and-error, especially if you have a lot of hardware. Peel has also announced about a partnership with TiVo that will allow the app to navigate through show you have recorded on your DVR. It also plans to launch an integration program with Netflix within the year, as well as a version for Android devices. Source: TechCrunch Read More

Best iPod and iPhone Speaker Docks (1)

Normally, iPod users who want to amplify the music of its playlist would connect an inexpensive patch cable to a home stereo or large speaker. Many of them, however, would rather put their iPod (or even their iPhone) on a dedicated speaker system that not only plays what is in the media player, but also charges its batteries in the process. And with virtually hundreds of iPod docks readily available in the market, CNET decided to review and put up a list of the best within this category. Here are some of them that made the cut. Logitech S715i (pictured) - This portable for iPod and iPhone from Logitech features eight drivers, delivering audio quality that is worth every penny and even more. The problem, however, is that it lacks extra features commonly seen in other iPod docks like a FM radio, alarm clock, and equalizer. Costs US$149. Audyssey Audio Dock - Apart from its detailed sound and excellent bass, this dock is GSM-shielded so you do not have to worry about switching the iPhone into Airplane mode. Its built-in Blutooth and speakerphone capabilities are also wonderful. It is a fairly expensive device, priced at $399.99, while its vertical design may not appeal to some buyers. Altec Lansing Mix iMT800 - This iPod/ iPhone dock from Altec Lansing has a retro design that humbles its excellent sound output. It also features two auxiliary inputs and a FM radio. If you are looking for AM radio, however, as well as a rechargeable battery set and video output, this is not for you. Price starts at $200. Soundfreaq Sound Platform - When it comes to spoiling its users, Sound Platform brings in a lot of premium features like Blutooth support, FM radio, iPhone compatibility, a dedicated app, and a remote control. Try not to put the volume way up, though, as sound quality does not hold well at that level. Costs $199.99. Altec Lansing Octiv Duo M202 - Another iPod speaker dock from Altec Lansing, this features a dual dock that can accommodate two iPods or iPhones. It also has a lot of special features given its small size, like a full alarm clock, dual iPod-mixing functionality, and an electromagnetic shield to prevent airplane mode. Take these whistles and bells, however, and you get a basic iPod speaker. Price starts at $69.99. Bose SoundDock 10 - The most expensive in the bunch, this $600-iPod dock has a single-speaker setup that amazingly can fill a room at full volume. Audio quality is never sacrificed, although its function is just the same--if not more efficient--compared to cheaper iPod docks. Source: CNET Read More

XIM3 Controller Adapter for Xbox 360 (4)

For PC gamers, it can be challenging to try and play video games on popular gaming consoles like the Xbox 360. One of the reasons may be the vast difference in the game controllers in terms of the configurations used. While PC gamers are accustomed to using the PC mouse and keyboard, gaming consoles usually have their own game controllers with a different control configuration. It is a good thing that there is a device like the XIM3 Controller Adapter that may help provide a solution. The XIM3 Controller Adapter is a device used for the Xbox 360 that allows gamers to configure other gaming controllers such as a PC keyboard and mouse for use in the popular video game console. Not only that, the XIM3 can also be used to configure other specialized USB gaming controllers for use on Xbox such as the Logitech G13. Different controller profiles can also be assigned for different video games, giving players the choice of what input devices to use when playing games on Xbox. The XIM3 will make PC gamers more able to appreciate playing Xbox games more this time. Unfortunately, the XIM3 is currently not yet available in the market. But you can still check it out on their site to see its potential. Image Source: XIM3 Read More

Sony's Google TV Leaked (3)

Sony Insider, a fan-made blog on all things Sony, provided details of what is supposed to be Google TV, including photos and even pricing. According to the report, the company will be selling four models that vary only in screen sizes, which will range from 24 to 46 inches. Although the smallest of the four does not have a price yet, the three other models will reportedly be sold at US$1,299.99 (for the 32-inch model), $1,499.99 (40 inches), and $1899.99 (46 inches). The cheapest among the three is about $300 more than Sony's most expensive 32-inch TV, the BRAVIA EX710. Looking at the details, it would not be surprising if prospective Google TV users would instead just buy a box of Logitech Revue for only $300 and connect it to any TV they wish. If Sony's Google TV will not come up with a free Revue for every purchase, oh well... Source: Sony Insider, via Engadget Read More

Google TV Demoed in Sony HDTV (2)

Best Buy gave a sneak peek of Google TV during its press event a few hours ago. The online TV service was presented together with its first compatible HDTV, the Sony NSX-46GT1. In the demonstration, Google TV was installed using a wireless USB Internet dongle that is connected to the HDTV's rear jack. Take note that the actual product comes with a stand-alone box provided by Logitech. Google TV, as promoted, provides streaming content from a long list of TV channels and other content providers. It also allows the users to browse the Internet through Google Chrome browser using the Sony's remote control or an iPhone/ Android smart phone as navigation. Users can even surf online while watching TV through a window on the lower right-hand corner. Another feature is the TV search function, wherein users simply type the name of the program and the time and channel it is on will appear, much like using a search engine but catered exclusively to TV shows. Users can also type in a keyword and relevant content will also be displayed as search results. Source: HD Guru Read More

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