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Is Google TV Gearing for Late September Launch? (1)

Google TV is said to be launched soon, but how soon still remains a mystery. Various sources report that the service could be launched late September, costing US$299. Engadget has posted several screenshots of what appears to show Logitech Revue's launch date as September 29 if the device is ordered from Dish Network. Now that explains why a free six-month subscription to Dish Network is included in the recent Google TV giveaway at one of their events. Dish subscribers should also rejoice to know that they can avail of the unit at a discounted price of $179. Let us hope that Google could convincingly explain to the public the $299 pricetag. We are all ears. Source: Engadget Read More

This Concept Mouse Fits Your Hand Like a Glove (2)

In our opinion, as long as the mostly-useless keypad is a standard on desktop keyboards, handling the mouse could be uncomfortable to the wrist and arm. This concept design, however, tries to ease the very awkward mouse handling. The G50 Vanguard comes with a sculpted style that fits your hand by placing it flat on the surface with fingers spread out. In a way, you move your mouse like a rag across the desk. A sculpted mouse such as this can go both ways. True, it may ease handling a bit, but the lack of "wiggle room" could cause more discomfort to the hand. It would still be better if the mouse can be placed where the keypad wastes precious space. Source: Dvice, via CrunchGear Read More

Google TV Unveiled (0)

Apart from Android Froyo, Google also announced its newest venture: Google TV, which is their attempt of incorporating its web prowess to a medium that connects to four billion viewers worldwide. Unlike previous attempts on WebTV, Google TV promises that viewers can now spend less time searching for shows and more time watching them. It also allows users more ways to personalize content and make bring the fun of watching videos online into the bigger screen. Google TV, which will run on Android 2.1, works by purchasing a new box that users hook up on their existing cable or satellite box. This new box also comes with a keyboard and mouse, but it will work with Android devices as well—either by typing or even voice search. There are also plans of providing Google TV-integrated screens in the future. Instead of the old-fashioned searching for TV shows by the time slot, users can now search for their favorite programs just like how they search in the Internet. Type the program on the search box and all the available time slots, networks, and websites are displayed in an instant. Google TV can also be used to browse the World Wide Web thanks to its Chrome browser and even lets users to view their photo and video albums on a bigger screen. It has already partnered with multiple manufacturers. Sony will son have TVs and Blu-ray players infused with Google TV, while Logitech will provide a companion box. Google TV has also collaborated with Dish Network for an enhanced experience for its subscribers, as well as retail partnership with Best Buy. Expect Google TV to be launched in Fall 2010, while the platform will be launched for developers beginning 2011. Source: TechCrunch Related articles Sony Internet TV platform is first with Google TV; DISH, Adobe and others along for the ride ( Google TV Announced With Intel, Sony and Logitech ( What You Need to Know About Google TV ( Read More

Computer Peripheral Gifts for the Holidays (0)

Computer peripherals such as keyboards and mouse may not be a first-in-mind gift idea even for the hardcore computer users, they are important to spice up your computer usage.  After all, if you do not feel bored staring at an old CRT monitor, typing on a stock keyboard that is uncomfortable to type, or checking yourself out as the stickcam captures an image of you every 5 seconds, then peripherals are not for you.But for those who do care, has compiled the best peripheral gift ideas that you can provide to your friends or even to yourself.Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard - What sets the Logitech G19 gaming keyboard (picture above) apart from the ordinary is its full-colored, tiltable LCD display panel that provides in-game information about your favorite online games.  It also comes with G-keys, replacing stroke-consuming commands.  You can even use up to five keys at once, perfect for more complex actions.  The Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard is available on various resellers, starting at US$165.Apple Magic Mouse - This latest innovation from Apple lets the wireless Magic Mouse lie on the table and your fingers do the commands.  Scroll through long documents with a flick or pan across large images with a swipe of your fingers.  However, it only works on Apple computers, so far.  The Apple Magic Mouse is now available starting at $65.HP 2709m Widescreen LCD Monitor - The 2709m, HP's largest computer LCD screen to date at 27 inches, boasts of 1080p imagery, and contains an HDMI input apart from the DVI and VGA.  You can watch videos in high definition from most home theater systems.  It also features an anti-glare treatment, 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ration, two built-in 2W speakers, and a response time of only 5 milliseconds.  The HP 2709m is available starting at $268.Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 Webcam with Microphone - High-speed computers of today also demand high-quality webcams to complement its performance.  The Eyeball 2.0 by Blue Microphones captures 2-megapixel videos and high-def audio through its built-in microphone.  Not only you can look good, but even sound good as well! The camera is even retractable, so you can protect your privacy when you do not wish to broadcast.  The Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 is now available starting at $49.99.LaCie Rugged XL Portable Hard Drive - If you want to protect your precious digital data, it is best to save them in a portable hard drive that can put up with virtually any kind of abuse.  The LaCie Rugged XL external hard drive is contained in an aluminum casing, internal and external shock absorbers, and heat dispersing features.  The 1TB Rugged XL portable hard drive is available starting at $130.Lenovo ThinkPad 320GB Secure Hard Drive - Keeping your electronic data secure and private is a major concern of many, which is why the Lenovo ThinkPad Secure Hard Drive works like a portable safe.  Data saved on Lenovo's secure hard drive goes through a 128-bit encryption system, making it inaccessible even by hackers.  The 320GB secure hard drive from Lenovo is available starting at $146. Read More

Goofiest Game Gears: Flight Simulators (0)

When board-game creator Milton Bradley joined the Atari bandwagon, "flight-sim" games and gears such as Flight Commander and Cosmic Commander controllers were born. In reality, they were anything but flight-simulators; they were just these little plastic things that your place in front of your TV and offered nothing that you could not do with a joystick. It was a bit of a joke really, but it made many little "Star Raiders" fans happy when it came out. "Star Raiders" was originally an Atari 800 game, but was adapted to the Atari 2600 in the early 80s. One little innovation came out of this: substituting the keyboard with a touch pad. If course (not quite) flight-sim gears paved the way for many other controllers and accessories including flight sticks, yokes, throttles and pedals. For you modern day virtual flight fans, check out Logitech's G940 due on September. Read More

Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks (0)

Just as its name implies, laptop computers were first created so that it would be convenient enough to place it on your lap. Even though laptop notebooks are lightweight, the problem begins when you place it on your lap. Not only your thighs would become prone getting burned from notebook heat, but it also puts a strain on your legs as well as your neck as you look down to your laptop while using it. This is why many laptops end up on tables while being used, which does not seem to fulfill its tag name as a laptop.Fortunately, Logitech designed a nifty product that would eliminate those problems: creating a desk small and light enough to be put on your lap. The Logitech Lapdesk lets you enjoy more comfort around your home, whether on the sofa, bed, or even the floor. It stable and lightweight design helps your legs protected from the heat coming out of your laptop, as well as improve your neck and leg position.This thin and streamlined lapdesk is raised to 12 degrees to position your notebook to a comfortable viewing angle. Its underside is designed with a soft, air-mesh fabric made of polyester and polyurethane that feels great on your legs. It can be used with PC and Mac notebooks with up to 17-inch display.The sleek design looks good in any room, and can also be stored neatly near your bed or couch. However, you cannot use this lapdesk if you are using a mouse with your laptop.You can avail of the Logitech Lapdesk for only US$39.99.Image Source: Read More

Pure-Fi Express Plus (0)

Completing Logitech's triumvirate of new speakers from the Pure-Fi rane is the Pure-Fi Express Plus.Like its brothers, Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus is a speaker dock for your iPod or iPhone where you can charge and lay your favorite gadget. It also has an alarm clock function and a wireless remote control that allows you to manipulate through your track lists or playlists. This remote can be used from up to 30 feet (10 m) away, and has its compartment integrated into the speaker for neat and easy storage. The coolest thing about the Pure-Fi express is the sound. It has omnidirectional acoustic technology that, from the word itself, means you'll be able to enjoy its great sound throughout your entire room or the other rooms in your house. Pure-Fi express can run on batteries which means you can take it with you wherever you go. It even has a carrying handle for easy carrying from room to room.System requirementsPure-Fi Express supports iPhone and all iPod modes with dock connector. 1st to 3rd generation iPods and other players are also supported via a 3.5 mm auxiliary input.Pure-Fi express uses Apple Universal Dock specification.The package includes iPod/iPhone Universal Dock adapter trays. Available at various electronic gadgets shops and online for $89.99 *Image source: Logitech Read More

Top Holiday Gadget Gifts for 2008 (0)

Amazon has put out a list what would be cool gadget holiday gifts for 2008. Here's the top 10 of that list of the coolest gadget and electronic gifts for the coming holiday season of this year.Ipod TouchApple's Ipod touch 8 GB (2nd generation) tops the list. Aside from playing music and video, you can play 3D games and access the internet (get applications from the iTunes store) using this gadget. Plus, you can keep track of meetings and appointments using iCal. KindleAmazon's own Kindle Wireless Reading Device is second in the list. It's like reconciling the old and the new - combining passion for reading and love for electronics. SlingboxSlingbox PRO (SB200-100) by Sling Media allows you to stream videos or cable/satellite in your home to your PC of internet device anywhere, even halfway across the globe. You can also remotely control your home video/cable devices using this gadget. Aspire OneAcer's Aspire One 8.9-inch mini laptop has everything you need (1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home, 6 Cell Battery) yet it costs considerable less than most laptops. It also comes in various colors. Ooma systemWith the Ooma Core VoIP Phone System, you can enjoy Unlimited US calling without the monthly bills. It also has caller-ID, call waiting and voicemail without the extra charges. Logitech Nano Cordless Laser Mouse For NotebooksLogitech's VX nano cordless laser mouse is perfect for laptop users. It has a tiny USB transmitter that works perfectly - and with both Mac and Windows platforms. Personal PlanetariumCelestron's Skyscout Personal Planetarium is very educational. Fans of the night sky will surely love this device which can name stars, planets, and constellations, plus provide educational information about each one, using GPS technology. Just point the scope and your off. Ultra Series CamcorderFlip Video's Ultra Series Camcorder is no bigger than an iPhone, but this camcorder is perfect for taking simple videos.Coolpix Digital CameraNikon's Coolpix S210 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom is the perfect mix of form and function. It has 8.1-megapixel resolution, 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD and comes in a variety of sleek colors from subtle bronze to crimson red. Apple TVApple's TV with 160GB Hard drive allows you to play music, run slide shows, or watch YouTube on your TV set. You can also download or rent videos from iTunes or stream through WiFi from your PC.Images source: Read More

Coolest Mouse Mods (0)

  Either some people just haven't found an outlet to channel their brilliance or they just happen to have a lot of spare time (and a really creative brain). Either way some people come up with the coolest - albeit strange - designs for just about anything - even their mouse. Who would have thought there so much you can do to such a small tool. Here are some of the coolest mouse mod designs: NES Controller Optical MouseFor those who just can't get enough of Nintendo, here's something for you. Created from an optical mouse and a Nintendo controller. You can also make use of the buttons - you know the "A" and "B" buttons - to 'click' on something, links, icons, etc. And yes, you need not exclude the scroll wheel of your optical mouse. This Nes Controller Optical Mouse is designed as such that you need get rid of any normal mouse part.PowerGlove MouseHere's a really ingenious one. The powerglove mouse is made from an old Nintendo PowerGlove. According to Techeblog, this one was made after hours and hours of wiring and hacking. This new version features in game controls that are mapped to the thumb (forward motion), pointer finger (trigger), and arm (camera view). This is perfect for First Person Shooter games. The Minty Optical MouseDon't throw that empty container of Altoids yet! You can use that to make a Minty Optical Mouse. All you need is one Altoids tin, an optical mouse, dremel tools, epoxy glue, a mini-hack saw, and around 4 hours of free time. And just basically put the whole inside of the optical mouse into your Altoids tin can and cut out holes for the wires and the scroll wheel to pass through and you have a minty optical mouse. NES Zapper MouseThis makes us of your old school NES Mouse Gun and a nice gyration mouse. Basically, you have to change the original functionality of the Zapper which uses light detecting technology. Since the gyration mouse does all the hard work , just hack it and wire the left click of the mouse straight to the trigger of the gun. This would provide all the functionality that you would need. Simply wire the mouse to the NES Zapper, allowing for both free range motion sensing and trigger happy left-click action. It's actually quite cool. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for functionality.LCD Mouse ModWe can never have enough LCDs anywhere. You will be needing a Logitech G5 laser mouse and if you have a Nokia 6610 to spare, then you're ready to make your own. First, check how much space you can work on. Then you can start cutting out the shape for your LCD screen one you're done with that, you can start painting. After that, it's all a matter of wiring and testing if your screen actually work. According to the creator of the LCD Mouse Mod, the screen can only show about 1 frame per second, but that is fast enough for general statistics or showing photos. Read More

Universal Remote Tablet Control The House (0)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the techy ilk, the future is here. Or, maybe not yet. I think it is safe to say "it is in the works". The universal remote - not the one that can be programmed to be use on any brand of television by encoding numeric codes - has been around recently, actually. But the problem with fully integrated universal remotes such as Logitech Harmony is that they seriously lack style.David Chacon, the innovator of the Universal Remote v2.0 Tablet has that particular problem in mind when he came up with his design. His concept of the Universal Remote combines both functionality and aesthetics. Charon's idea for the Universal Remote is that it will be flash capable device that would display channel listings to more elaborate menu. And, like in the movies, you can control your whole house using this baby, like controlling the microwave or the bedroom lights. And who knows, maybe even flushing your automatic toileIt will have a wide touchscreen interface. And with the right frequencies and support from outside companies this device will reportedly be able to craft custom graphic user interfaces for a product, too. Production of this device will not happen anytime soon. For now let's just admire its cool, futuristic design and imagine what you will be able to do with it when it is finally available. Read More

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