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Motorola Devour Comes to Verizon in March (0)

Verizon Wireless has officially announced that it will offer Motorola ’s latest handset, the Devour, beginning next month.  The Motorola Devour will be the first phone from Verizon to feature Motoblur, Motorola’s unique Android-powered content delivery service that aims to make wireless phones more customizable. The Motoblur lets users sync contacts from work and personal e-mail services like Gmail with posts, messages, photos, and other content from popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The main features of the Motorola Devour include a 3.1-inch capacitive touch screen, touch-sensitive navigation pad, 3-megapixel camera, Android Market, universal inbox, pre-installed 8GB microSD card, and Bluetooth connectivity. Owning a Motorola Devour would mean subscribing to Verizon’s service plans and data package.  Unlimited data package costs US$29.99, while services plans start at $39.99 monthly. Source:  Verizon Wireless Read More

Motorola to Create Next Nexus One (1)

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha announced during the company's quarterly earnings conference call that they are set to launch "at least one direct-to-consumer device with Google" by 2011, creating speculations that Motorola may have been tapped to create a smartphone that will follow Google's much-praised Nexus One (which was manufactured by HTC).However, it is not just this phone that Motorola would be focusing on developing, as they would also introduce 19 other smartphones within the year, at least 10 of which will run on the updated version of Motorola Motoblur social networking software.  The newer version will "offer additional security and device management functionality" that will appeal to enterprise users, according to Jha.Jha also revealed during that conference that Motorola will be focusing more on lower-end mobile phones, which they intend to market in China, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the United States.Source:  Gearlog, via Engadget Read More

Motorola Ventures to Multitouch (0)

Motorola's strategic venture capital arm, Motorola Ventures, has announced that they are putting their investment money on a France-based software company called Sensitive Object. Created in October 2003, Sensitive Object develops multi-touch platforms that can be applied on almost all surfaces.  The patented ReverSys technology uses acoustics to analyze sound waves that leave from the point of touch, transforming any product into a touch device.  Meanwhile, its Anywhere MultiTouch platform uses piezoelectric sensors that extend touch sensitivity beyond the displays of devices. The mystery now is how Motorola will utilize power of Anywhere MultiTouch on its mobile handsets or whether they are planning a new line of products.Image source: Read More

Motorola DROID (1)

Verizon Wireless has officially announced that they will offer the Motorola DROID beginning November 6.  Tagged as the first smartphone powered by Android 2.0, the DROID provides 3G-speed Internet with multi-window HTML browser, access to thousands of applications and widgets, and multi-tasking capabilities.  It is also the first smartphone to feature Google Maps Navigation, a free turn-by-turn voice-activated GPS application.  Simply say where you want to go and let your phone show the way.Specs include a 3.7-inch high-resolution widescreen display; 5-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, auto-focus, and image stabilization; 16GB memory card; slide-out QWERTY keyboard; voice-activated Google Search; visual voicemail; and over-the-air Amazon MP3 downloads.DROID will become available in the United States exclusively at Verizon Wireless online store and retail outlets for US$199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement after a $100 mail-in rebate.Image source:  Verizon Wireless Read More

Motorola DEXT Will Become Available Orange UK, for Free (0)

The Motorola CLIQ may take a while before it sees the light of being introduced in the United States, its British version will become exclusively available on Orange beginning early October.  The Motorola DEXT is expected to be free for those willing to secure a two-year, 56-dollar-a-month contract, which includes 900 minutes call time to any network monthly, unlimited text messages, Orange maps, and inclusive anytime Internet browsing.  Meanwhile, some say that American should also cross their fingers that the Android touch screen phone with a slide-out physical keyboard will also become available to the States free on contract beginning October, but we will have to wait a few days to confirm it.Image source: Motorola Read More

Motorola Clutch i465 (0)

Motorola recently released its first iDEN phone that's equipped with a full QWERTY keypad. It features push-to-talk technology while also offering threaded (IM style) messaging convenience - making the QWERTY keypad very handy - and has the usual multimedia, messages and e-mail support features. IIt boasts of a 1.79-inch, 128x160 TFT display, a VGA camera, Bluetooth 1.2, and 20MB of memory.The Clutch i465 sports a "ruggedized" design which makes it tough enough to withstand "extreme conditions" (e.g. shock, vibration, and dust).It's ideal for the hardcore mobile phone user.Depending on who's your service provider, the Clutch i456 features TeleNav (Sprint) or MyLocation. The Motorola Clutch i456 is expected to available by Q2 2009. Image source: Motorola Read More

Motorola MOTO W7 Active Edition (0)

Motorola has announced that they are introducing a new addition to their MOTO smartphone line. The MOTO W7 Active Edition is promoted as a motion-enabled 3G1 mobile device that features an accelerometer. Now your MOTO phone can now detect your body's movements, orientation, and hand gestures. For instance, you can try flipping the phone to over to silence the ringer of an incoming call, snooze the phone's alarm clock, or even pause the music. Shake the phone twice and you are right into your favorite applications. You can even flick the phone right or left when moving between songs and images when you decided to show off your music library or photo gallery. The phone's pre-loaded games also lets your body shake, jump, and dance.The MOTO W7 Active Edition is intended for people who are on to go. It contains a built-in pedometer that counts and records your daily walks and runs. A Personal Trainer application lets you create a personal profile and help you set weight loss goals and create workout profiles. It also has a MP3 player, FM radio, two cameras (one for still images, the other for video calls), and an 8GB optional extra memory. It is set to be available beginning in the second quarter of 2009 in Asia and Latin America. It will be available in two colors: licorice and alpine white. Image source: Read More

Fake Motorola Aura Louis Vuitton Phone (0)

If you are in love with the Motorola Aura and would like some fake luxury, then you will want to check out the latest knockoff: the Imobile Phone V453. This cell phone is a clone of the popular swivel phone with the pricey Louis Vuitton Monogram. The fake Louis Vuitton edition of the Motorola Aura phone is not the same as the original by all means.This China-made clone sports a 1.5-inch LCD display, a built-in media player, a 1.3 MP camera, microSD card slot, and an FM tuner. It also supports GSM900/1800MHz networks. The fake phone lacks the celebrated high-end swiss watch inspired circular design , which makes the original stand out. This bastard offspring of branding replaces the Motorola Aura's circular display with a square-within-a-circle one. Here is something new, though: a ring of LED lights surrounds the display. The Louis Vuitton makeover of the original Motorola Aura is a case of double dose of phony luxury. The authentic Motorola Aura will cost you a whopping $1,999, while the fake version is anything but expensive. If you want a cell phone to match your fake Louis Vuitton wallet and bag,  then the Imobile Phone V453 is the best accessory to complete your set of fake luxury.Image Source: Daily Radar Read More

Motorola to Release 10 Mobile Phones in 2009 (0)

It appears as if luck has not been good to Motorola these days.  This fledgling cell phone maker has been cutting costs quicker than you say "Razr," but Wall Street analysts have speculated that it is probably because the company has bigger plans for 2009. Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Ittai Kidron said that Motorola appears to be preparing for its introduction of 10 - yes, 10-smartphones for the second half of 2009.  With smartphones being one of the few products that are seen as bullish for the coming years, Motorola is planning to focus on delivering smartphones that run on Google's open source Android OS, with at least one of the new devices will be operating on Windows Mobile."With sentiment at an all-time low and investors' attention lost, we believe Motorola warrants another look," noted Kidron.  The cell phone company, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, has had its plans delayed because of the company's financial problems despite having a new leader in the person of Sanjay Jha, Motorola's co-chief executive officer who was recruited from Qualcomm Inc.Cell phone revenues of Motorola dropped 70 percent for the past two years.  However, analysts say that the impact of the troubles Motorola has been facing have been minimal at best in terms of the company's overall profitability because volumes have shrunk so much. Read More

Motorola AURA (0)

Motorola risked its limbs by experimenting with the design of its latest premium handset: the Motorola AURA. Well, it turns out to be a stunner and its elegant features are spectacular. It has what is claimed to be the first circular cell phone screen in the world. With a diameter of 1.55 inches, this sleek handset features the world's first 16 million colors with 300 dpi resolution. Its lens is created from 62-carat sapphire crystal, a scratch-resistant material.Taking inspiration from high end watches, Motorola AURA's switch blade design is driven by more than 200 parts, including 130 ball bearings used to open the phone up to about 100,000 times before failure. What's more, the gears are coated with tungsten carbide, which is also used in high-performance racing engines.In terms of user functions, this high end cell phone has 2GB worth of memory, AGPS, a stereo Bluetooth, music player, e-mail, messaging, speakerphone, and 2MP camera. This quad-band GSM support handset also features Motorola's CrystalTalkTM technology, delivering superior clarity to every conversation AURA owners have. Motorola AURA costs a whopping $1,999. Image Source: Motorola Read More

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