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Google Maps Navigation (1)

Google has unveiled its Maps Navigation, an upgrade of its current Maps program.  What used to display street maps and landmarks, as well as the ability to search by name of business and display suggestions of its closest matches, now comes with turn-by-turn navigation.  It is pretty much like what your expensive Garmin or TomTom does while you drive, except that Google Maps Navigation is free and said to be a default app in all Android 2.0 devices.Integrating the Google Map's satellite and street views, the Maps Navigation will also search for gas stations, fast food joints, or any other businesses nearby while you drive, all of which can be activated by voice.  Simply say where you want to navigate and let the software show you the way.  Do not worry in case of clouds or any disturbance blocking your GPS because all visual feeds will be cached.The Google Maps Navigation also comes with an optional car dock, which is intended to use at an arm's length away.  This GPS app will be available on Motorola DROID, which you can get from Verizon Wireless.Image source:  Google Read More

Barnes & Noble Nook eReader (0)

Looks like the battle of dual-screen e-book readers is on! Barnes & Noble introduces what they call the world's "most advanced e-book reader."  The Nook Android-based e-book reader measures 7.7 x 4.9 x 0.5 inches and weighs just 11.2 ounces, with an e-ink display on top and a color touchscreen below it, enabling users to browse through books in just a swipe.  It can hold up to 17,500 e-books on its 16GB microSD card.The B&N Nook feels contoured to the touch and comfortable to read as its glare- and backlight-free display does not make your eyes strain while reading.  Meanwhile, the touch screen displays brilliant cover art while browsing through books as well as a virtual keyboard, making navigating the Nook intuitive and simple.The Nook also comes with fast 3G wireless and WiFi access, so users can download ebooks, magazines, and newspapers in an instant thanks to its partnership with AT&T.  It also enables users to "lend" these downloaded ebooks to friends' Nooks free of charge for up to 14 days.  Nook users can also lend content to iPhone, iPod Touch, select BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones, PC, and Mac.The B&N Nook is available to pre-order for US$259, with shipments expected to come at the end of November.Image source:  Barnes &  Noble Read More

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