Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

There are so many fitness bracelets in the market such as the Nike FuelBand, MotoACTV, and Jawbone UP. It certainly won’t hurt if another one is added to the mix, especially if it works more intelligently than the rest.

The Amiigo fitness bracelet also comes with a compatible fitness app. The lightweight plastic bracelet comes with a detachable shoe-clip and can identify what kind of exercise you are doing. In fact, the Amiigo bracelet is so intelligent it can even tell you if you are doing the exercise right with the help of its bevvy of sensors that analyzes how your body is responding to your every move.

And those exercises you are doing gets identified through Amiigo’s gesture-based software algorithms, which improve over time as the software learns more about how you move. Although you do not have to wear both the bracelet and the shoe-clip, it certainly helps in distinguishing between a run and a bicep curl.

It also generates real-time fitness data by sensor-tracking different variables such as your heart rate, skin temperature, and even blood oxygen levels.

Meanwhile, the Amiigo app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The software allows you to view the data, set fitness goals, customize challenges, share workouts in real time, and accumulate fitness points for a chance to redeem them for discounts on fitness gear.

The Amiigo is not yet available in stores, as it kicks off its fund raising on Indiegogo on October 29th with an aim of raising $90,000 and hopes to be ready to ship in April next year. Backers would be able to snag the bracelet for $89, while the rest of us can get it for $119.

Source: TechCrunch

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