Berg Little Printer

Berg Little Printer
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In this world of devices, there are some that has risen and popularity while there are also others that have fallen into obscurity. Sometimes this can happen to a general device or gadget sector. In a way, this might be happening to home printers. As people prefer to use their smartphones and tablets more and not on the desktop computer, the printers are usually left to gather dust. There must be a way for these printers to become more relevant today so that they can still be something that people would want to buy. A good idea may come from design firm Berg as they have developed their unique Berg Little Printer.

The Berg Little Printer is a small and portable printer designed for a unique purpose. It is not a typical printer in any case in terms of size and main function. What this Little Printer does is provide updated info to users and provide it on a small printer paper form that is both easy to read as well as easy to bring along anywhere. The Little Printer connects online via the Berg Cloud Bridge. The Little Printer comes with an inkless thermal printer that can be accessed and controlled by a smartphone by downloading an app. This means that you can have some file in your smartphone printed via the Little Printer as long as it is just enough size to fit into the white space of the printed paper.

The Little Printer can also be used to receive publications coming from the Berg Cloud. People can easily get updated and read them from what the Little Printer receives and prints. Although small, the Little Printer might be showing just how printers can be made more relevant in the world of portable devices. TheĀ Little Printer is currently available for pre-order with the first units coming out by mid-October. It is expected to cost around US$259.

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