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Google Classroom offers assignment hub 0

Google has launched a program for students and teachers. Available on Google Apps for Education, the Google Classroom provides school teachers and students with a central hub to create, store,

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Build With Chrome: Create Lego direct from browser 0

Building Lego masterpieces is no longer limited to plastic bins, as Google Chrome launches a virtual space to build Lego bricks straight from the brower. The “Build With Chrome” project,

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The Pirate Bay celebrates 10th anniversary 0

The Pirate Bay, the notorious online file-sharing service, celebrates its 10th year. Even its administrators find it hard-to-believe that the site has lasted this long. In a misspelling-riddled blog post,

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Red Pen Online Design Feedback Tool 0

One of the biggest frustrations among digital employees, from web designers to programmers, from content writers to social media moderators, is that they cannot just publish their works right away

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